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Want to make your blog popular? :) Oh well,.. keep dreaming sonny boy. It might sound like a piece of cake but in reality, only a few have succeeded in this field. Don't get me wrong; if you are committed and have something unique and thought provoking stuff to share, you will probably climb the [...]

Consistency plays an important role in success. I am not sure who said that but all the wise and wealthy people I know have been consistent in their work throughout their life - which ultimately led them to where they are now. On the second note, “not giving up” and “hustling” is somewhat directly related [...]

Being transparent comes with both awesomeness and risk. Recently several websites on one of my servers got defaced. There is a difference or I should rather say a thin line between hacks, malware and defacing. Defacing doesn’t hurt as much as malware infection. Then why do hackers practice defacing? Well, the primary reason is to [...]

First of all, thank you everyone (friends, brothers, sisters, ladies and gentlemen) for always supporting me, liking and appreciating my work. Today, I’ll tell a short story which makes up my journey till date. Feel free to share it with your friends and family if you feel inspired or touching. A “like” doesn’t cost a [...]

Hey guys, hope everyone had an amazing thanks giving and a wonderful weekend in the USA. I am back after a while with my first video. Recently I purchased a new hosting account from hostgator as I couldn’t resist their black Friday deal. They usually give 60-75% OFF and I had to take advantage of [...]

You are not going to earn much simply by placing Adsense on your blog or website. How do you know which ads are performing better than the others? Did you know that ad placement, color, theme and layout, all effects CTR and conversion? Recently there was an article on this blog on monetizing your blog [...]

Hey guys! I have been missing in action since the last few months. I just want you all to know that I am alive, doing well and kickin. And No, this blog is NOT DEAD and neither did I sell it. I know I have been slacking and have lots to catch up on. I [...]

Semantic Tagging or markup is HTML which provides meaning as well as presentation to a web page. Why is it important? It helps in facilitating communication and finding information. When you add semantic tags to your blog post or documents, you are actually providing more information about your post. For example, <h1> tag which is [...]

When should I monetize my blog? This is a very common question that gets asked pretty often. You see, there is no perfect answer to this because different people have different opinions. Some bloggers like me prefer to build a base of solid audience before considering blog monetization while there are other bloggers who start [...]

Attacks on Wordpress platform have become more frequent over the past few years. The number of hacked blogs and websites has risen about 20% per year but the recent reports have made people cautious. Why? In April 2013 about 90,000 IP's attacked the Wordpress users who still have "admin" as their default login username. Security [...]