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10 Important Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic – Part 1

increase your blog traffic

Every blogger has a day when he finally decides to start a blog and reach out to his audience. So you have started the blog, made some posts, now what? You are expecting visitors! The first time you may get a few hits but to get the main attention you need to market your blog posts. Marketing a blog is very important; it plays a huge role in exposing your blog to the world. I have decided to put together several tips today to help out the new bloggers who have just started a blog and are looking for exposure. Traffic is the life blood of any business and mastering traffic generation is dream come true for many bloggers and marketers. So, without further ado, I present to you the first 5 tips that will help you kick-start your blogging journey and start generating traffic.

5 Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic

1. Get a Top Level Domain Name

Ok let’s be honest. How many bloggers out there use a free wordpress or subdomain name? I am sure many. Sometimes you start a free blog and get bored of it in a couple of days; then, you simply quit. I know many of you have done that in the past. I have done it myself so I know how it works.

Now, when I talk about purchasing a hosting or domain, I am not simply trying to sell it to you and make money but I am trying to emphasize the importance of having your own unique domain name that will separate you from the rest of the crowd. If you invest in something, you will definitely work hard towards it to get your return. Your domain is your online blog recognition and therefore you have to choose a name which is relevant to your niche. This is very important and I will explain that in a moment.

You might be wondering how domain names are related to traffic generation. Right? Let me explain. It is actually not directly related. I believe that a domain name gives your company a brand recognition which helps in word of mouth traffic generation. For example, people search for “smart passive income” in Google knowing that Pat Flynn’s blog will appear in the search results. When I am in a huge conference or gathering, I tell people to find me on Mastermind Blogger. How do you think they do that? They simply Google and find me out. If I had a generic domain name such as “blogging tips” or “make money online blog” then do you think it would differentiate my brand from the rest? Not at all. As a matter of fact, it will be much harder for them to find me using the search term “blogging tips” than “Mastermind Blogger”. I am sure you get the point.

PS: I should have posted this earlier because you need to have a unique domain before you can even start posting on your blog. However, I am sure you have already got the domain. If not, then you might want to get it now before you create any further blog posts.

2. Write 2-3 Blogs Posts per Week

If you are serious about blogging, you will have to make the commitment of writing at least 2-3 blog posts per week. Your readers are hungry for knowledge and they expect something new and useful on a regular basis. That is why they subscribe to your blog. Think about it, if a new visitor visits your blog and finds out that the latest post was done weeks ago; he will not take any further steps or waste his time to check out your blog. This shows that you are not serious about blogging and there is no point subscribing to your blog.

I know sometimes we bloggers get busy; but making a couple of blogs posts per month shouldn’t be that difficult especially if you are passionate about the topic.

Curation is a popular and an easy way to generate lots of content on your blog. Search engines love it too. Check out this post by seomoz on content curation.

3. Write Lots of Major “Pillar” Articles

You should have come across this term “pillar articles”. Most popular bloggers will always mention the importance of pillar articles. A pillar article is a tutorial which is aimed to help your audience in a certain field. For example, consider this post as a pillar article. I am writing several tips to help you increase blog traffic, right? The tips are generic and will work pretty much every time; meaning, there is no time restriction or scarcity. Whether you decide to implement these tips today or even a year later, they still work. This is a great example of a pillar article.

Pillar articles are important. Everyone has something to share. You might have your personal experience with a certain niche and you can simply write about it. This helps others learn and keep up with the latest stuff on the net. If you compare your usual posts with pillar articles, they have great advantages. Check out “How to Get Explosive and Sticky Traffic” where Pat explains how pillar articles have helped him get more traffic.

Pillar articles usually have a long term appeal. For example, check out moving wordpress guide that I have written. The guide provides step by step instruction on how you can transfer your blog from one hosting to the other. Now this will work if you implement it now or even several months later. I am sure you see how it works. The more pillar articles you have on your blog, the more traffic it will generate in the long term.

4.  Comment on Other Similar Blogs

Commenting on blogs is not dead. It still works if done right and can bring tons of targeted visitors to your site. You should try to comment on blogs similar to your niche since you know that the readers from that blog might be interested in your stuff due to relevancy. It won’t make much sense if you comment on some health blogs while focusing on tech niche on your own blog. Although you can do that for extra traffic or backlinks but I would suggest you try to focus on your niche types. There is one more advantage to commenting; some bloggers reward their commentators with a do-follow link which is just awesome. This gives you extra link juice and helps you rank better in the searches. Check out dropmylink which searches for .edu, .gov blogs and other SEO friendly sites to add your links to. You should also check out “How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic” by Kristi Hines

Do not spam blogs with your links. Do not mass comment. Most newbie bloggers take the wrong approach to making blog comments. You should only comment on a blog if you have something awesome and relevant to say. Your comments must always deliver some sort of value to the blog owner’s audience and internet at large. If you do it right, you will not only gain backlink juice but gain credibility and new subscribers.

5. Trackback and Link to Other Blogs in your Posts

A trackback is one of three types of link backs. It is a method for authors and bloggers to request notification when somebody links to one of their posts. This allows them to keep track of who is linking to their articles. Trackbacks often appear like comments. They work in a similar way comments do. They also get attention of various other bloggers who might drop by, check out your posts and decide to link your blog with one of their posts—which means more targeted traffic. Syed Balkhi has posted an article on trackbacks that is worth checking out: What, Why, and How-To’s of Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress

I hope you have found this article useful. I will be posting the next 5 tips in a bit. Feel free to share, comment and ask question. What other methods do you use for traffic generation?


Updated in 2014

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