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11 Twitter Cleaner Tools To Get Rid Of Spams

Stop Twitter Spam; Clean Your Account Now!

Stop Twitter Spam; Clean Your Account Now!

Twitter spam is the biggest thing right now. Even though, we bloggers have been providing lots of tips on how to make twitter work better for people, a lot of them still do not know how to use twitter efficiently. There is no reason why you should follow people you do not know or interested in just hoping that he follows you back. To keep things clean and make the best out of Twitter, you need to clean up your followers and get rid of Twitter spam. I have personally tested all the tools I am listing out in this post. Hope you find this useful.

Top Twitter Cleaner Tools


UnTweeps uses the Twitter API to unfollow selected people you are following. Logging into UnTweeps is safe because they use Twitter’s login system which then allows UnTweeps to do its thing on your behalf. Unlike other cleaners, untweeps allows you to create a white list where you can add all the twitter friends you want to keep.  If you want to use UnTweeps more than three times per month, or check for slightly stale Twitters, periods under 15 days, you must purchase an UnTweeps Pro account, which is $1.37 for 3 days or $5 per month subscription. UnTweeps has been favorably reviewed in countless blogs. It is currently ranked in the mid 50,000s on Alexa.  It also gives you the advantage to check out people who blocked you on twitter

My Cleenr

My Cleenr is pretty good. Although it has one limitation which is– it only works with accounts following 700 people or less. This allows you to get a list of your followers sorted by last update date. You can easily delete them with a click of a button. But be careful as you do not get a second chance. I found MyCleenr  one of the fastest Twitter tools after Untweeps.


Unfollow following who do not follow you back! Huitter gives you two options; Auto and Manual. In manual, you need to visit pages of service and authenticate every time and you need to wait while operation is performing. Auto is much efficient; after subscription you see your schedule of operations and this works with a huge account.

TweetBuddy Prune

TweetBuddy Prune allows you to see those you are following, those who are following you and those where the appreciation is mutual. It is quite simple. You just have to click on a button to follow or unfollow someone. Unlike Untweeps, this tool doesn’t work for mass following or unfollowing; small accounts are only suitable for this tool.


Twerpscan will scan your twitter follower list and present them in a clean table. It will show stars next to those whom you are following so to unfollow, you just have to click on the start. Do the same if you want to follow someone- Click on the star. Twerpscan allows you to do bulk operations such as block, follow, unfollow by selecting checkboxes.


TwitBlock is a useful tool. All you need to do is click on a button to scan your follower database and look for spam accounts. This tool will highlight the spam accounts and will allow you to block them. The application also keeps track of those you have already blocked. This tool is quite easy to use and integrates very well with Twitter.


Click on a button to see a list of your followers sorted by last update and you will soon find out which follower accounts are dormant. You can see others profile and their last tweet by simply hovering over their name. Tweepular allows mass following and unfollowing, which is useful for large accounts. This tool is a great find.

The Twit Cleaner

Although the TwitCleaner is a little slow compared to the rest of the tools, it is quite powerful and does what it says. It sends you a DM when your profile is ready. It will categorize your followers in such a way that will help you to make your decision easy. It displays which followers ignore you, who talks all the time and of course, followers who are inactive.  You can choose whom to follow and unfollow.

Nest Unclutterer

Nest Unclutterer is quite different from the rest of the twitter tools. It allows you to highlight accounts following more than a certain amount of people. It allows you to search for people who haven’t tweeted recently; you can also add people to white list. Once you made your choice, simply click “clean my nest” and wala!


TwitIn is quite interesting and offers more services than other twitter tools. It offers you the option to Unfollow those not following you, find new people to follow or follow people who are already following you. This tool allows you to see people’s bios and last tweets on the TwitIn page before making a decision. Some other interesting features include stats, the ability to cross-follow and feed management. Although it might be slower than other twitter tools listed, it does wonders.


FakeFollowers is designed to help you assess the quality of your followers on Twitter. Though it may not be 100% accurate, it is intended to be a fun and useful tool for gauging the actual reach of your tweets. Although, it is fun to see the result, it doesn’t give you any option to clean up. Just thought it was good enough to make it to my list.

These are my top 10 twitter cleaner tools. If you want to get rid of dormant followers, then Untweeps and MyCleenr is the best choice. They are fast and reliable. To get rid of spammy accounts, Twit Cleaner and TwitBlock are the best.

What other tools have you used to keep your Twitter accounts clean? Feel free to share…

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