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22 Worst Ways to Build BackLinks

22 Worst Ways to Build Links and Get Destroyed

22 Worst Ways to Build Links and Get Destroyed

I have posted a lot of basic tips on link building in the past few days. I realized that it is also very important to know the methods that can destroy your brand or even get your site black listed. I have seen a lot of examples on the net and I really feel sorry for those who are making these stupid and cheap mistakes.


Please Do Not Do the Following:


1. Submit your site to multiple free and even paid directories that promises to send traffic but does nothing.

2. When using a forum, listing tons of websites in your signature to get noticed.

3. Only post on forums when you have an option to add links to the post

4. Posting irrelevant posts on forums such as “thank you”, “good info”, “I like it” etc that can lead to disaster. People do that to increase their post count or to get noticed. Of course, they get noticed by mods who kicks them out in a short time.

5. Posing a question and using the same IP address to create another account and answering your own question in order to bump your thread or get noticed.

6. Create accounts on multiple forums and posing the same question in all of them on the same day.

7. Post on threads that are way outdated just to receive some link juice

8. When commenting on blogs, using a spammy keywords or niche instead of real name

9. Post crappy comment that is totally irrelevant to the blog post.

10. Use automated bots to hit their comments and try to crash the server.

11. Go to webmaster conferences and rave about how rich you are and how your affiliates make millions doing nothing.

12. Ask people about their site instead of creating a conversation. When you find out about their site, you talk about link building and exchanges.

13. Send a webmaster notification to every post you make on your website.

14. Send a webmaster, author or blogger an email almost every day requesting them to link to your website.

15. Send references and links to your site to the same webmaster from multiple email accounts (what a fool!)

16. Send out link exchange requests mentioning PageRank and popularity.

17. Send massive link exchange emails which look like Spams.

18. Send link exchange requests to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft.

19. Steal content published by well known names. Use it on your site or blog and brag about how good you are so people start talking about you.

20. Marketing your own site by making useless comments on blogs that add no value

21. Wear a t-shirt with your site on it, drive around and show off.

22. Sue other webmasters for deep linking to your site (most dumbest shit)

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