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3 Free Plugins To Make Your WordPress Blog Super Fast

Speed up your WordPress Blog

Speed up your WordPress Blog

If you want tons of traffic to your blog, you need to make sure that your blog runs fast. Without saying much about it, I am listing some of the best plugins to make your wordpress zooooooOOoooM!!

WP Super Cache– This is a very fast caching plugin for WordPress.  It generates static file of your posts and stores them in the database so lets say that everytime your post is loaded, your server will use the cached file. This makes your blog really fast. If any of your posts get popular and receive tons of traffic then this is your friend.

W3 Total Cache– I recommend this to all the new as well as the pro bloggers. Trusted by many popular blogs, this plugin improves the user experience and server performance, caching every aspect of your site. It also reduces the download time of your themes or posts. You should start using this as soon as you build your first blog. This one is much simpler and has fewer options than WP Super Cache.

WP Widget Cache–  A high-performance caching plugin for wordpress, and a plus for WP-Cache or WP Super Cache!

These are the best free caching plugins for wordpress and you can use and try any of them. Just remember that using these plugins will speed up your wordpress blog and increase its performance.


Post Updated in 2014

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