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6 WordPress SEO Plugins You Shouldn’t Ignore

There are over 28,000,000 results on google for the term “WordPress Seo Plugins” and there are currently 936 plugins in the wordpress plugin directory that show up under the term “seo”. As a matter of fact, I have found out that most blogs say similar stuff about wordpress seo plugins. Everyone has All in One Seo Pack, Google Sitemap generator and a few others in their list. I knew there was much out there and the sources I found redirected me to the same stuff so I could not rely on them. I started digging into wordpress seo, worked on keyword ranking and wala this post was born. Read, take notes if necessary but make sure you go till the end to see the result 🙂

Seo is very important if you want to take your blog to the next level. Seo is not spam and should not be ignored. If you want good amount of organic traffic which I know we all do, you need to optimize your blog for search engines. Organic traffic is always good and several past case studies showed that they even convert better. Most bloggers are not seo experts and this is where the kickass wordpress seo plugins come into action. I have been playing around with wordpress seo for a while and in this post, I am going to reveal some top wordpress seo plugins that I found amidst millions. I personally use them on my blogs and would recommend to all. They will not only optimize your blog posts but help you rank for certain keywords.

6 WordPress Seo Plugins you must have

1. All in one SEO Pack

This plugin should be installed in all blogs by default. It is the first seo plugin that you should get and activate. All in one SEO Automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines. For your convenience, I have posted an image below that shows my plugin’s setting. You can follow mine or do whatever suits you. Just make sure you don’t stuff the meta keywords section. Keyword stuffing is bad for seo.

Screenshot of my All in One Seo Pack Setting

2. SEO Smart Links Pro

Matt Cutts had explained in one of his videos how smart internal linking can boost your seo performance in 2011. This is a plugin that improves your overall blog’s seo by interlinking your content. It also converts your keywords into cloaked affiliate links which is a great feature. Previously I used MaxblogPress Ninja affiliate plugin but after discovering SEO Smart links pro, I think this is the best. So in short, this plugin gives you the seo juice by interlinking your pages. This helps to pass page rank from one page to another which improves your overall search engine rankings. On top of that, you can also create cloaked affiliate links with a click of a button and check statistics. I use Seo smart links business which is almost three hundred bucks. I like the pro version because it has some good additional features like cloaking and statistics. However, I don’t want to be mean by stuffing you with my affiliate link so you can download the free version by clicking here: Seo Smart Links 🙂 When you make some money, come back and check out the premium version.

A Screeshot of Seo Smart Links Business- Known as One of the Best WordPress Seo Plugins

3. SEO Friendly images

Images speak thousand words but it is not useful in the eye of the search engines until they have proper alt and title attribute. It’s easy to upload images but often we forget to add the proper tags/attribute. Seo friendly images is a plugin that will automatically add ALT and TITLE attributes to all the images in your posts. Why Title and Alt is important? – Alt describes your image to search engines. You can drive massive traffic from google images if you add proper alt. Title is less important than alt because it only matters to the visitor as they will see it appear when they hover over the image.

If you are still not convinced then check out the amazing post by seomoz- Using Google Image Search to Drive Traffic to Your Site

4. SEOPressor

Imagine a seo expert standing next to you and guiding you while you write a blog post. This plugin is just like that. This plugin will help you optimize your blog to rank better for keywords and drive massive search engine traffic. Frankly speaking, this plugin alone is equal to hundreds of other seo plugins combined.

In short, seopressor analyses Title, H1, H2, H3 Tags, keyword density, content length, alt tags, font decoration and more. It also intelligently bolds, italizes and underlines your keywords which is good for seo. It will produce a score based on your blog post’s seo so you know what to improve in order to get a better score. I love this plugin and it does wonders for my niche sites. If you are into mini/micro niche then you definitely want to get this. SEOPressor is not free but for the price, I would definitely recommend it to all bloggers and affiliate marketers. Check out the screen shot below to see seopressor doing its thing. If you think you can do all the stuff manually then its your choice.

Screenshot of SEOPressor in Action

If you are into niche marketing or have a review blog then imagine how easily you can rank for several keywords by using SEOPressor. I dare you to try.

5. SEO No Duplicate

This is a seo plugin that helps tell search engine bots the preferred version of a post page by specifying the canonical properly within your head tag. This plugin improves your site’s seo by simply helping you manage your duplicate content by setting your post page’s canonical to the permalink. Google tries to penalize duplicate content (I don’t know how far this is true) but to be on the safe side, this plugin is a good add-on to wordpress seo plugins. Just activate and go. Alternatively, you can download Canonical URL’s for WordPress created by Joost which does the same thing.

6. WP Nofollow Post

This plugin adds nofollow to all external links on posts / pages automatically. You can add exception to some URLs. Why nofollow is important for SEO? If you link to sites that google thinks are spammy then you might hurt your own ranking. This is why the “nofollow” attribute is important.

In short, using the ‘nofollow’ attribute is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your outbound linking doesn’t harm your website’s SEO.

As Matt Cutts of Google has explained in the past:

“The rel=’nofollow’ attribute is an easy way for a website to tell search engines that the website can’t or doesn’t want to vouch for a link…Nofollow is recommended anywhere that links can’t be vouched for.”

The ‘nofollow’ attribute is a simple, easy-to-implement way to help your SEO efforts and protect against penalties. It should be included in your SEO best practices.

Add-on: WordPress Seo Plugins

Show me the money!

Here’s a screenshot I wanted to share. See how I rank for “prevent wordpress spam”. Although I am not at the top but I am still on the first page. With a few more backlinks I could easily outrank others. SEOPressor assists in ranking for keywords while other seo plugins automatically optimize each posts and your entire blog. I just wanted to show that the methods and plugins mentioned above works and if you do it right, you can rank better.


An effective SEO strategy is not only dependent upon boosting your ranking but maintaining it and protecting it. I am not a seo guru but I know this stuff quite well; I have personally installed these plugins on my blogs and would recommend you do the same. If you think any of the above plugins are shit, you are most welcome to share your view or even prove me wrong. What other wordpress seo plugins would you recommend?

[Updated] April 2011

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