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7 Free, Quick and Efficient Methods to Drive Traffic to your Blog

drive traffic to your blog

Traffic is the life blood of any business. Without traffic, your blog is meaningless. Most bloggers quit blogging just because they are unable to drive traffic to their blogs. What they fail to realize is that traffic generation is a skill that cannot be learned or achieved overnight.

It requires long term commitment and hard work to get your blog popular in the blogosphere. Although I have posted some working traffic generation tips in the past, today, I am posting seven quick ways you can drive traffic to your blog. These tips might seem basic to a professional or famous blogger but if you are just starting out, you can definitely benefit by implementing them. There is always a place to start and it’s better to start early. I hope you find this list useful and I will definitely post more traffic generation tips as I learn them along the way.

Drive Traffic to your Blog – 7 Tips that Work!


1. Submit your blog to the directories.

There are tons of blog directories which are pretty useful for getting your blogs listed. And the first step to get exposure is to submit your blog to these directories. Some of them also give you backlink juice which can help you rank better in the search engines. Join mybloglog and blogcatalog; create a community and get involved with other’s community. Remember, when you check out other’s posts and comment, there is a good chance that they will do the same.

I have compiled a list of some good blog directories where you can submit your blog to. Make sure you don’t over-do this because it’s pointless to mass submit your blog to unpopular or meaningless directories.

2. Submit your content to article directories.

Do some article marketing. Websites like ezinearticles, goarticles, smart articles are really good for driving traffic and getting backlink juice. How you ask? When you write a post for the article directories, you include a few in-text (contextual) links which point to your blog. Sometimes you can also include your link in the footer or in the author’s bio section.

In the initial stage of your blogging journey, you can create some good backlinks and get some exposure by posting on popular article directories. You can find the list by clicking here. Sometimes, it can be difficult to produce lots of unique content for each article directories so in that case, you can spin your content in such a way that they appear unique to the search engines. You can use any article spinner out there or just rewrite stuff yourself. However, I always prefer unique content.

3. Take advantage of the powerful web 2.0 dominators

Squidoo, hubpages, weebly, wetpaint, tumblr are popular web 2.0 platforms loved by Google. Linkwheels are pretty much dead; mostly because over-doing it can actually penalize your site. However, if you do them right, you can greatly benefit. Don’t go about inter linking hundreds of websites. This will kill your blog instantly. With panda and penguin around, you simply cannot afford to do things wrong. Squidoo and hubpages are two of my favourites and you can start with them. Squidoo ranks really well in Google and if you can optimize your content within a squidoo lens, you can rank it on the first page and drive traffic to your blog. (Update: Squidoo has been bought by Hubpages)

4. Get involved with social media.

Create a professional page on facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Social media is the new word of mouth and social traffic is legit. Pat Flynn explains on this post how facebook has helped him get ton of traffic and create a solid brand. Check it out. YouTube is huge right now and it ranks better than ever on Google. It gives you the freedom to create your videos and share it with the world at no cost. Create a custom video related to your blog with animoto, final cut or you can even film a short video using your iphone to get more personal with your audience. If you optimize your videos for certain keywords, you might end up ranking in the first page my friend. If you are looking for some tips then check out my five simple yet working youtube marketing tips.

Did we just forget pinterest? Who hasn’t heard about it? At 10.4 million users, it is the fastest growing social media site in history. David Wallace posted an amazing infographic on pinterest statistics which is worth checking out.

Last but not the least, are you tweeting my friend? Let’s not forget the power of the retweets. Twitter retweets are really powerful and they even help with ranking in the serps. Seomoz posted an article on how effective twitter retweets are in terms of ranking. As you can see, retweets are powerful social signals and google does rank them.

5. Forum is a very good place to get noticed.

If you join several forums related to your niche and stay active, you can easily use your signature to drive traffic. I have done this in the past and it worked well. A good online community can benefit you in several ways. You not only get to meet and network with new like-minded people but you can also utilize your signature, profile section and create useful posts in order to gain credibility. When members and the community like your stuff, they will follow you and become your fan. This way you will not only have generated traffic but also a list of loyal craving fans. Brad has written an amazing article on how you can use forums for ethical link building so check it out.

Some good forums where you can contribute and utilize the signature (where you can put your blog link) are digitalpoint, wickedfire, sitepoint, warriorforum, v7n and more. These are well established and popular forums. Register, learn, contribute and drive traffic to your blog.

6. Yahoo answers can be a great way to get noticed.

When I Google something, I get a lot of searches from yahoo answers and hence I realized its potential. You can help out people by answering their questions; at the same time you can put a link to your blog in your resource box which is a great link juice. This method might require some work in order to drive lots of traffic. Remember not to abuse the system by including your blog link to every single answer. Try to be relevant and post only relevant links. There is a great post on seomoz on using yahoo answers to generate leads. Check it out and let me know if this method works out for you.

7. Choosing the right set of keywords.

Keywords are one of the main factors determining the visibility of the blog. This is probably the most important tip and if you can master this, you will be producing quality and popular content with ease. Use a good keyword tool to find good and relevant keywords in your niche when creating a post. You can use the free google keyword tool, wordtracker or market samurai. Check out this awesome post by Neil Patel where he discusses 8 Simple SEO tricks that’ll help you rank better.

I know there are tons more traffic generation methods out there and you are free to try them all out. However, if you closely follow the above 7 tips then you will definitely see some positive changes in your blogging journey without any cost. I hope you have found the list useful and if you think I have missed out any then post it in the comments below and I might consider including it. What are your favorite traffic generation methods?

Post Updated in 2014

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