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7 Premium Plugins that will Increase your Email Subscribers

increase email subscribers

Email marketing is the most powerful medium of marketing till date. Agree? How many times do you hear the phrase “the money is in the list”? A lot of marketers give up on email marketing because they think its dead. It is quite natural for them to think like that because what’s old is dead, right? Just like MySpace or hi5. No one remembers them now because everyone is on facebook.

So email marketing being so old must be dead? Wrong. Many marketers are infected with the shiny object syndrome – that is, chase after new magic bullets one after the other.

Smart or savvy marketers know the benefit of email marketing; as a matter of fact, if you are in the marketing or blogging industry and have been following popular bloggers or famous people in your niche, I bet at least 80% of them have an email optin form on their blog or website.

You will be surprised to know that email has almost three times more users than facebook and twitter combined – I would suggest that you build your email list before you work on your facebook fans, likes or twitter followers. It’s like comparing gold with silver.

With that said, today, I wanted to share a quick post on some awesome premium plugins that will help you increase your email subscribers. I own and tested almost all of them and they are legit. I used the term “premium” because most of them are not free. However, I will include some free ones too because I am awesome :).

I also want to be completely transparent with you. Some of the links are affiliate which means I get a commission when you purchase through my link. Either way, it’s not going to cost you more or less if you get them directly. But, if you do get any of these plugins through my link, let me know and ill thank you personally. My main purpose for this post is to share some awesome plugins which are unique. I personally use them on my blogs and websites so enjoy and let me know if you need any assistance with them.

Premium Optin Plugins

1. OptinSkin

optinskinThis is one of my favorite optin plugins and I am sure you have noticed it on my blog. I have always been a fan of Glen and his projects. He usually hides in his den for sometimes and then comes out with something awesome :).

Optin skin is a light plugin which has several features such as split testing, fading timer, and more. It is fully customizable which means you can design your own skin without any coding. However, if you understand CSS then you can create your own skin and style it.

The split testing feature is pretty cool. First of all, you don’t get to see this feature in most plugins and split testing helps in determining which design is getting more optins. You can test button colors, eBook covers, box colors, headlines, button text, border color and much more. The possibilities are limitless.

optinskin 2

It also has a “Fade” feature which allows your form to, simply, fade into your content to catch visitor attention. OptinSkin only counts impressions if a site visitor scrolls to the part of your page where you have placed the optin form – this is super cool.

Last but not the least, I love the sticky feature. You can have your optin form on your sidebar and make it sticky. This means that once the visitor scrolls down, your optin skin will follow along without being obtrusive. You can see an example on my green blog.

Check Out OptinSkin


2. Subscribers Magnet

subscribers-magnetNext on my list is subscribers magnet which was created by maxblogpress. They have created some decent plugin before so I thought about checking this out. This plugin has a ton of features; as a matter of fact, if you get this plugin, you might not need to install any other optin plugin for a while.

Why you ask? It has sidebar optins, popups, header stripe bar, analytics, optin form embedded inside the comment, facebook connect and more. It’s like all in 1 optin pack. They are also responsive which means your optins will look perfect on a mobile device. Their facebook connect feature is another coolio. For example, if the visitor is logged into his/her facebook account, he/she will see the facebook connect button on your blog which increases the chance of getting more leads.


The analytics feature allows you to see which form or method is working the best so you can tweak for maximum performance. I love this plugin. However, the only con I can notice is that, it might slow down your website if you are running on a bad/weak host with less resource. This is probably the only con but its a serious matter as well. If you are on a shared hosting, you may want to consider some other plugins. To get a complete overview of this plugin, visit the official page.

Check Out Subscribers Magnet


3. Popup Domination

popup dominationPopup Domination is another cool optin plugin which I used in my early days. I still use it on some of my niche blogs because this plugin is simple and quite light. When I say light, I mean that it doesn’t use up much of the server’s resources unlike subscribers magnet.

It has some beautiful popup designs which are optimized for best conversion. You can also target specific pages and categories for your popups to appear. Besides that, it is fully customizable, has A/B testing option and of course analytics.


Another thing I love about the developers is that, they have been updating the plugin and today we have popup domination 3.0 which is an improved version of the previous ones. I love this plugin and you should too.

Check Out Popup Domination 3.0


4. Covert Player

covert playerIf you are a video blogger, then this is a MUST GET plugin for you. Covert player is a unique and amazing video optin plugin which has a ton of features. Seriously, I really mean it. You might have seen people setting up optins on YouTube videos but when it comes to self hosted, not that many are taking advantage of it.


Covert player not only allows you to get leads from your YouTube videos but also self hosted videos. You can either host your videos on YouTube or if you have premium videos, you can easily store them on amazons3 for pennies and use this video lead capture plugin to capture quality leads.

It is html5 compatible and plays on any device. I haven’t personally seen a better video optin plugin and I highly recommend this. As a matter of fact, I will be using this on the videos that I am producing for mastermind blogger 🙂

Check Out Covert Player


5. List Eruption

list eruptionThis is the most effective, easy and enjoyable way to build a list. With their rewards structure and game like atmosphere, it becomes fun and easier for your subscribers to expand your list for you. If you know the power of gamification then you will know the power of this plugin. Let me give you a personal example of how gamification works.

I play ps3 and Uncharted has been one of my all time favourite games. I love the multiplayer and one of the biggest reasons I play is because I want to unlock several secret items, weapons and features. These are so addictive. If I was asked to share the game link on my social profiles and in return I would unlock a secret, I would definitely do it. Why? Because I love the game, I want the secret and it doesn’t require much for me to earn that so why not.

If you have played games on facebook such as Farmville which was a huge hit, I am sure you have liked their page in order to gain some points, you invited your friends to play the game just to level up etc. This is gamification my friend and this is one reason how some games and companies go viral and become so huge in a such a short time.


List Eruption 2.0 has dozens of features, updates and improvements. It has a professional done for you “Thank You” video that will walk your subscribers through the process of accessing their download, then sharing their unique URL with their friends on social media.

Another super cool feature is the gotowebinar integration. You can easily create a viral webinar registration page that will create a full-house turning your registrants into affiliates promoting your webinar signup page. How cool? And there’s campaign analytics, gamification referral system, unlock able badges, multiple reward levels and more awesomeness.

Check Out List Eruption 2.0


6. Pippity

pippityPippity is a popup plugin which most of you might not have heard of. It is a clean popup plugin that your visitors won’t hate. Pippity makes it easy for publishers who respect their readers to create non-obtrusive popups that convert.


Unlike most popup plugins, pippity delivers beautiful popups in a way that’s more in tune with your readers and gives you useful analytics that show the true affect your opt-ins are having. You can also clone popups, tweak settings and have them compete two at a time which means split testing. Also, the overlayed analytics clearly reveal which popups convert best and which drive the most visitors away.  Pippity is pretty awesome and I recommend it.

Check Out Pippity


7. Gravity Forms

gravity formsI would not call this an optin plugin because it is far superior to that 🙂 Let’s discuss its features in a bit. Gravity forms are awesome contact forms. It’s much more than that. Over half a million wordpress sites are using it and there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

You can build and publish forms in just minutes; simple drag and drop allows you to select your fields, configure options and much more. Besides being the best contact form for wordpress, you can also use it to build your email list. Yes, that’s right. Gravity Forms allow you to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of third party services such as PayPal, aweber, mailchimp, and provides for even deeper integration with WordPress.


It has also been endorsed by popular blogs such as yoast.com and copyblogger.com; in simple words, get this plugin, pimp your contact page and create some stunning lead capture forms.

Check Out Gravity Forms


Free Optin Plugins

Optin Revolution: WordPress Popup – This is a simple free popup plugin that anyone can start with. Optin Revolution is a free popup plugin for people who want to have unlimited customization on their optin popups, with the ability to be highly creative without having to know how to code. The lite version is free but if you want to upgrade to the pro version, you will need to purchase it. In that case, I would recommend you get popup domination or pippity.

Check Out Optin Revolution

Optin Crusher- The optincrusher plugin for WordPress get’s visitors to your website on your email list.  It’s different from other methods in that it doesn’t interrupt the user but it still gets their attention which decreases bounce rates while increasing optin rates.  It’s super easy to install and use with WordPress and requires no programming. However, you will need to sign up to the developers email list in order to download this free plugin. I would give it a 7/10 as I am not a fan of footer optins. However, it’s awesome if you are just starting out.

Check Out Optin Crusher

ViperBar- Again, one of my favourite free optin plugins. ViperBar adds an attractive bar to your site header, which you can use to increase blog or newsletter subscribers. It includes built in styling, Aweber & Feedburner integration, conversion rate tracking, split-testing, themes, and much more. It’s all free 🙂 and kudos goes to Glen from viperchill.

Check Out ViperBar

There you go, I have given you 7 Premium Optin Plugins as well as 3 free ones which include a popup, a footer optin and a header optin. I am sure there are ton more stuff out there but I don’t see a reason why we should feed our brain with so much stuff when we already have the best here.


The reason I support all these premium plugins is because the developers are keeping them updated and they work good. It’s always good to start with a free plugin but the fact is, they have limitations and might not appeal to your visitors. If you are serious about blogging then you need to build an audience. For that, you need to capture leads. And for that, you need one of these awesome premium plugins. 🙂

AWeber is an email marketing service that helps users to stay in contact with their visitors, blog readers and customers. You can get started for just a dollar. Check Out Aweber


Email marketing works and will keep working. It is probably one of the best investments you can make. I am sure we all are familiar with email newsletters that are spam or waste our time. Those shady techniques don’t work anymore. The money is not in the list. It is in the value that you provide to your list.

Just by capturing a lead doesn’t make you money. What works is a value exchange which is your valuable information for your prospects time. First, you have to gain trust and credibility. And I don’t mean after gaining trust, you blindly promote stuff.

Effective email marketing requires that you provide the best value to your customers in exchange of their email or contact details. Good email content often strengthens your relationship with your prospects and to achieve that, you must have an awesome subject line, a distinctive voice and deliver super awesome content.

In my next blog post, I will share some of the best ways you can learn effective email marketing. The best way to learn about list building is to be on someone’s list. Not just anyone but someone who knows how to do it right 😉 There is no point in reinventing the wheel when it’s already out there. Stay tuned for the next post and let me know what other email marketing questions you have. What optin plugins have I missed out?

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