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7 Tips to Avoid getting Unfollowed on Twitter

I have been asked several twitter related questions in the last few days by my readers and friends. I have finally decided to answer them accordingly. However, the most catchy and important question was (according to me) “how to avoid getting unfollowed on twitter”. This is a popular topic so I decided to do my own research and come out with a few simple tips to help you solve this problem.

You might be wondering why your twitter followers are decreasing every day. There are tons of reasons you can find online but today, I will give a few most common reasons and seven tips to help you avoid getting unfollowed on twitter.

When you are following lots of people on twitter and expecting them to follow back, at least do it right. Following others to increase followers is a very common method to increase twitter followers. However, it is pointless to mass follow hundreds of users and have few to zero following back. This makes you very unpopular. I use a twitter tool called tweet adder which is awesome for twitter automation. You can use it to follow / unfollow twitter users and do lots more. Check it out and let me know what you think.

So, without further ado, I am posting seven most common reasons for being unfollowed on twitter and how you can avoid it.

Tips to Avoid Getting Unfollowed on Twitter

1. Stop Spamming and bragging about your blog posts

Most of us have blogs and use twitter as a marketing tool to let people know the latest on our blogs. We also link the blog posts in our tweets which is the most common practice. Tweeples (twitter users) appreciate when you tweet about something important that will benefit twitter users as a whole. But linking the same post many times in a day is seriously considered spam and will make you lose followers instantly. Stop that now. Share only when you have something awesome to share. You do not want to fill the entire twitter timeline with your links. Give others a chance. Try to retweet some popular and useful posts. Your followers do not always want to see your tweets. They will also appreciate if you retweet other’s tweet.

2. Tweet Simple and Keep it Clean

Do not curse anyone or use obscene expressions in you tweets. People follow you because they are interested in what you have got to offer. Show respect and gain respect. Doing the dirty thing will definitely jeopardize your twitter account as well as your followers count.

Sometimes profanity is a part of your personality and I have nothing against that. Some people use profanity in the sense of humor such as comedians, critiques, bloggers etc. In such cases, it’s just fine. Don’t do it just because you saw @shitmydadsays do it.

3. Avoid Tweeting about your Followers Count

All of us enjoy reaching milestones in twitter. Do not ever tweet about the number of followers you have. Do not brag on the list and the celebrities that are following you. This does more worse than good in terms of the followers count. I don’t see any reason why you should brag about followers. Always keep it real and take it easy.

4. Tweets are not for link sharing

I sincerely request people (at least my readers) not to tweet JUST links. You don’t expect people to just click on your links without knowing where the links will take them. It might not be spam but that is how it’s looked at. Twitter supports 140 characters per message and I believe that the space is sufficient for adding a title to your link. No one is bothered to click on links without knowing what it is.

Twitter, these days, is very quick at flagging affiliate and spammy looking links. It will be wise if you avoid posting irrelevant links without description because they deliver no value to the community.

5. The power of MicroBlogging

Remember, you tweet for people and not for BOTS. Twitter is called a microblog and is so much powerful because you can reach out to your audience with a single tweet. Try to maintain a friendly relationship with your followers and even send some personal tweets to them. This makes them feel special and lets them know that you care. Try to start a conversation or tweet some useful stuff that you believe will help your followers solve some problems. Creating a good long lasting relationship with your followers can lead them to retweet your tweets and make them go viral.

6. Twitter is not an Online Game

I know its fun to tweet about every single thing you do every day, NOT :). Never use twitter as if you are playing a game. Do not tweet hundred times a day. It is always disturbing to see a single person occupy the entire timeline. Personally, I always unfollow the person who floods my twitter timeline with tons of tweets every day. This is because I miss out lots of other useful tweets. Remember, your number of tweets do not count; it’s the quality and the value of your tweets that matter.

7. RT: Retweeting is good to a certain extent

Retweeting is a good practice and is encouraged too. When you share an informative tweet, it helps your followers. But using twitter is much more than just retweeting. You need to share your opinions, ideas and thoughts in your twitter and not just always retweet some other random ideas or posts you find online. Make sure that you contribute to this social media because your followers are hungry for information; the ratio of your tweets to retweets should be always more.


There are other professional twitter users and experts who might have different point of views and if you are one of them, then feel free to contribute to this post. I will write more posts regarding twitter followers, tips and tools that will benefit my readers but for now I can guarantee that if you strictly follow the seven rules I have mentioned above, you will make it impossible for others to unfollow you on twitter.

Post updated 2014

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