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7 Tips To Convert One Time Visitors to Subscribers

Convert One Time Visitors to Subscribers

Convert One Time Visitors to Subscribers

Why Subscribers are Important?

A blog with a high number of subscribers and loyal readers are more trusted. If you help people by providing guides and tutorials, they will make you money. A good number of subscribers will also attract advertisers. Subscribers bring extra traffic. SEO can help you get traffic to your blog but with a high number of subscribers you will get more targeted traffic on a regular basis.

A Little About Me and My Blog

I have always believed that a person can learn better from another’s experience rather than reading lots of tutorials and guides. I was around 17 years old when I first started blogging. I had an account with bloggers, blogged about life and tech for a while and then lost interest. I moved on to affiliate marketing and CPA which made me good money.

Couple of years later, I realized that there was something missing. Although I loved making money online through various ways, I realized the power of blogging. I love teaching and providing tutorials to make others life easier in this competitive world.

I wish I had continued blogging because by now, my blog would have reached a certain level beyond imaginable. I finally started my research and gained knowledge on various aspects of blogging. I learnt about monetizing, marketing, seo and much more.

I always had a passion to blog and reach out to my audience. I love helping people leverage their work to make money online, PERIOD! I realized the power of subscribers and loyal readers.

So, here I am, finally decided to start a blog after many years, trying to make it big in the make money niche.

It is not easy to succeed with a blog and especially in the money making niche since it is very competitive.

It is easier to monetize and market your blog but it is much difficult to gain subscribers and take your blog to the next level.

I use Google analytics and webmaster tools to track my pages and sites. At first, my bounce rates were extremely high. Learn more about bounce rates HERE

I did not bother about this in the beginning but then I realized that high bounce rate was not good.

High bounce rate means that most of the visitors are just passing by and not reading your stuffs. If you are a serious blogger then, this will make you sad. If no one reads your stuff, this is just a huge disappointment and wastage of time and effort. It is very obvious that bounce rates are related to subscribers because if the bounce rate is high, it tells you that your visitors are just passing by and not going through your stuffs—which mean they are not subscribing to your blog.

The solution here is to lower your bounce rates to a minimum which will lead to higher rates of subscription.

7 things you can do to Increase readership and turn your visitors into frequent readers and subscribers:

1. Link to Valuable Content (Link Bait)

In other terms, Link baits have proved to be very valuable and effective. It is an untimed strategy that can lead to large number of backlinks pointing back to your site from other authoritative and also from new websites and blogs. A lot of bloggers might not consider this strategy but if you are blogging about a tough niche, you might have to consider.

2. Relevant SEO

Relevant SEO is very important for blog success. Imagine how you would feel when you click on a link that promises you to something but doesn’t deliver. This can be one of the most frustrating experiences a searcher can have. To avoid this, you need to optimize your blog for relevant search terms.

3. Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the best ways to increase readership and give exposure to other older posts. Make sure you link to relevant blog posts. It can be fun so do not get carried away. Think about it, go through it, and be logical and relevant. Remember, massive linking can scare your readers away.

4. Use Related Posts Plugin

By installing Related Post Plugin in your blog, you can easily lower your bounce rates. Related Posts plugin provides a list of related posts or pages below every blog post. When your visitors go through your blog posts, related post plugin will provide your readers with more of what they were searching for.

Think about it, when you search a video on YouTube, you get a list of other related videos either after the video or on the right hand side of the page.

Download the Related Post Plugin

5. Popular Posts Plugin

Another great way to increase readership is to place a list of Most Popular Posts in your sidebar. It is very easy to install the Popularity plugin and it is very effective. This widget will produce a list of your popular posts based on comments, views and links.

Download the Popularity Plugin

6. WP Greet Box

This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer url. You can also set a default greeting message for new visitors suggesting them to subscribe to your RSS feed. Having these targeted suggestions will help your blog increase exposure, loyal readership, and reader interaction.  I love this plugin and recommend it to all the bloggers.

Download WP Greet Box

7. Top Commentators Plugin

Reward your readers with the Top Commentators Plugin. This will encourage them to visit your blog frequently and make a contribution.

Download Top Commentators Plugin


Gaining a massive audience is difficult but it is 100% possible. If I can do it, so can you.

My personal advice—do not write for yourself or the web. Develop a voice and talk to your readers. Help people and they will return the favor. Do not follow or copy others ideas; Instead be a leader and I can guarantee success.

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