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7 Ways to Know if Your Blog is on the Right Track

A Blog can be defined in many ways- It could be an online journal, a community to connect with people or even a platform to draw advertisers and make money. I won’t lie to you; blogging is hard work and no blogs have ever become popular overnight.

The primary focus of most blogs is to build a list of loyal audience and subscribers who would bring in value to the community.

Many bloggers give up the idea of blogging when they don’t get success. The sad part is that they don’t realize that success don’t come overnight. Blogging requires consistency and time. There are ton of blogs being created every day and each of them is screaming out load to seek attention. Considering all these, it is sometimes difficult to figure out if blogging is right for you.

Whether you want to connect with your audience, create a community or make money from your blog- You need ton of quality traffic. But how do we know if people are connecting to your blog?

7 ways to tell if your blog is doing right:

1. Niche

This is the first and most important thing to bear in mind when blogging. Ask yourself, what is your niche? Most newbie bloggers commit mistakes by going off-topic when writing blog posts. Whatever your niche might be, simply stick with it and create posts that are relevant to it. If you are looking to turn your blogging into a successful online business, you have to know your audience well.

The purpose of this blog is to help others create a profitable blog and make money online. I don’t think my subscribers will like it when they come back tomorrow and see a Justin Bieber post on my blog (no hate bieber). So, always stick to the niche and write for your target audience.

2. Growth in Subscribers Count

Subscribers are crucial for our blog’s success. I bet we all are hungry for them. Good content brings in loyal subscribers who would stick to your blog for a long time. If your subscribers count is growing then you should be on the right track, good job! However, bear in mind that building a list of loyal subscribers can take a while. This blog has gained 200 subscribers in the first 2 weeks. I realized that good content posted on a regular basis attracts massive visitors. If you can write a pillar article twice or thrice a month, you will definitely see some growth in visitors.

Do not get frustrated if your subscribers count doesn’t grow. You might be doing something wrong; maybe you should improve the quality of your posts. A good way to find out what your visitors would love to see is by taking a poll. This works out pretty good.


Comments can be a great satisfaction to bloggers. Comments indicate that your posts are getting noticed. All authors want to receive feedbacks from their visitors. So, if your blog is receiving ton of comments (excluding all the spam), then you are on track.

I have noticed that most blogs tend to receive more spams than quality comments these days. Most commenters are basically looking for a backlink to their site/blog and that is the only reason they drop by. I personally think this sucks. I bet you have seen ton of comments on popular blogs; some of them do not make sense and some are not even relevant to the topic. I appreciate comments that provoke discussion and debate. Does your blog have such comments? If yes, then it means that people are enjoying your posts and they want more. If not, just work hard and you will be there.

If you are a new blogger and seeking attention then, do it the right way. Comment on other’s blog post only when you have a saying. Posting shit comments to get backlinks or to get noticed will ruin your credibility as a blogger.

4. Likes & Tweets

Almost every single blog has a like and a tweet button. Social media is very crucial to your blog’s success. If your blog post is getting ton of likes and tweets (people like your stuff and thus sharing it with others), it is a good sign. Getting a post viral can bring in massive traffic to your blog.

If your posts are not being re-tweeted or shared online then you should re-valuate your posts. Improving the quality and being creative can help. I would recommend that you get involved with social media, stay active on twitter and Facebook and interact with others. Once you make friends on several social media platforms, you can request them to share your stuff. You never know, your content may just go viral.

5. Blog Buddies

When you start blogging, most likely you will get to know ton of like-minded people through online communities and social media. It is feels good to have friends who can share stuff that is related to your expertise or niche. Trust me, blogging buds and partners is essential if you want to succeed. They will not only help you grow but also help you gain credibility online.

If you are one of those (like me) whose most friends are not in tech field, then, the best way to make some new friends is through social media. I got to know ton of amazing people and trust me, I get to learn new stuff from each one of them. Do not simply go out there and make friends with everyone you come across; instead, participate in discussions in online communities. Several popular forums and blogs have potential and genuine people hanging out all the time. You can connect with them, engage in a conversation and also exchange wisdom.

6. Links & Trackbacks

Link building is important. It really helps your blog’s presence in the search engines in terms of ranking and placing. Search engines give sites with good inbound and outbound links a higher ranking. Building good links to your blog can be frustrating and a long process; why not let others do the work for you? I know it sounds too good to be true. I am talking about trackbacks. If your content is good, people will love it. When they love it, there is a chance that they will link back to it. This is the best way to get free high quality backlinks to your site.

Have you ever wondered why people always link back to Problogger.com or Entrepreneurs-Journey.com? Because the authors of these blogs are popular; they produce amazing and entertaining content that is loved by their audience. Once people start linking to your blog, more will soon follow.

7. Request for Guest Post

Most bloggers allow guest posting on their blogs. This is because they want to take a break from blogging (which is a good thing) and the guest poster may bring something different to the table. I suggest that you have the option for guest posting on your blog.

If you receive guest posting requests then it is probably because your content is good and your blog is getting popular. Most guest posters seek relevant and popular blogs to post on. Your blog might not be popular at first but if you stick to your niche and produce quality content, it is just a matter of time to achieve that.

Another method to draw attention of the guest posters is to post on their blogs. You can request to exchange a blog post with any fellow bloggers you know. Exchanging guest posts with credible bloggers will bring in positive changes to your blog.

Question: What is blogging success according to you? What have you learnt from this post and what’s your take? The comment box is all yours!

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