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How To: Backup and Migrate your WordPress site with Backup Buddy

Backup buddy is a must have tool for all bloggers, period! Whether you are a full time blogger or part time, as long as you are serious about your blog, you need this plugin. There are many reasons why you should have backup buddy in your wordpress plugin list.

What is Backup Buddy?

Backup buddy is an amazing wordpress plugin developed by ithemes. It comes with several awesome features such as wordpress security, migration/restoration, full wordpress backup and more. Although it is not free, it is very reasonable and totally worth it. Check it out and see it for yourself.

Imagine how would you feel if you blog was hacked. It could take hours and even days to clean your database and recover everything. In some cases, you may even lose the database. Let me remind you, wordpress doesn’t handle backups by itself which means you need to have a backup plugin in order to backup your files. Most of the time people forget how important it is to backup wordpress blogs.

I have learned this the hard way; my blog was hacked more than three times and I am glad I was able to rescue them. If you think that relying on your web hosting company is the best thing to do then you are completely wrong. My blogs were hacked because the web hosting company I used had open security holes which were vulnerable. Do not rely on your hosting company for backups because they cannot help you if your database gets corrupted. In most cases, they can only recover data lost 1-2 days ago. What if some hacker injects some malicious code into your blog? You might not even notice it. I know it sounds scary and that is why I recommend backup buddy. You will be amazed to see what it can do.

No, it doesn’t backup only your database, it backups your entire blog which means wp-content, wp-admin files, images, databases, each and everything in your root folder.

Beside being the ultimate wordpress backup plugin, it can also move wordpress to different hosting without a hassle and that is the topic for today. I will show you how to move your wordpress blog to a different hosting in several easy steps. Trust me, if I knew about this plugin before, I wouldn’t write this article here: Moving WordPress to New Host 😉

Moving WordPress Blog Using Backup Buddy


Step 1

First, using your favorite ftp client (I use filezilla), upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins folder. Then login to your dashboard, go to plugin’s tab and activate backup buddy.

Once you have activated the plugin, it will be displayed as a tab on the left sidebar on your dashboard. See the picture above for reference. Simply click on “backup and restore”.

Step 2

Click on Full Backup.

Step 3

Depending on the size of your blog and speed of your internet, backup time will vary. It may take from 1 minute to even 15 minutes for backing up your entire blog so be patient and have a drink while doing it.

Once backup is completed, it will display a link. Click on it to download the backup to your computer. Alternatively, you can also directly send the completed backup file to amazon’s server or any other host with ftp instead of downloading it on your computer. Either way, it’s your choice.

Step 4

Now go back to the main backup buddy tab and this time click on “Restore/Migrate”. When clicked, you will download a file called “importbuddy.php”

Step 5

You should have 2 files; backup file and the “importbuddy.php” file. Assuming that you have already added the domain to your new host, open your ftp and login to your new host (where you would like to move).

Upload the 2 files in the root folder of your domain. See the picture above for clarification.

Step 6

Now you need to create a new database for the new host. Creating a database using cpanel is pretty easy and most web hosting companies like hostgator have cpanels 🙂

I have still added screenshots on how to create a mysql database for your new blog. If you have already created a database then skip this and go to the next step.

Its quite easy to locate the MySQL database in the cpanel.

Give a desired name and create your database.


That covers up how to create a database in mysql.

Step 7

Once you have created the database, type the following in your search bar: http://domain.com/importbuddy.php. Replace domain.com with your domain name and hit enter. You should see a screen like above. This is the first step of blog restoration using backup buddy. Simply click next.

 Step 8

We are going to move to a new server so select “Migrate to new server” in the options and click next.

Step 9

This might take a little while because backup buddy will extract your entire blog on the new server. Once files extracted, click next.

Step 10

In this step, you enter your blog’s details, url and newly created mysql admin and pass, database name etc. Make sure the details are accurate. Once doubled checked, click next.

Step 11

If you have followed all the steps correctly, your blog should be up and running right now. Good job in moving your blog to a new host.

Step 12

Probably the most important one; after you have restored your entire wordpress. Login to your server and delete the importbuddy.php and any other backup zip files (if any) from your root. This is very important because if you leave your backup files with the importbuddy.php on your server, others can easily hack into it and copy your entire site. Just delete it and you are done.

Take Action! Backup your wordpress database on a regular basis. If you can’t keep up with the daily backup, let Backup Buddy make your life easy 🙂

Some Awesome Features of Backup Buddy

  • FTP off-site backups
  • Send backups via e-mail
  • Schedule backups & transfers
  • Directory exclusion
  • Full backup & database only options
  • Compatibility features for picky servers
  • Back up non-WordPress tables (optional)
  • Backup file integrity checking
  • E-mail notifications
  • Limit number of local backups
  • Built-in help system
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Malware Scanner included free from security pros
  • Background manual backups (start a backup, close your browser, and walk away)
  • Manage remote Amazon S3, FTP, within BackupBuddy
  • And more than 50 additional features and enhancements!

   Check out Backup Buddy

Bottom Line

Backing up and moving wordpress to different host  is made simpler with this amazing wordpress plugin. I have lots of blogs and if i knew about this fantastic backup plugin then I wouldn’t have thought twice before getting it. This is a must have tool for all bloggers. Whether a newbie or a professional blogger, no one wants to lose their hard earned most valuable content. What do you think about backup buddy?

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