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7 AdSense Optimization Tips for Beginners

You are not going to earn much simply by placing Adsense on your blog or website. How do you know which ads are performing better than the others? Did you know that ad placement, color, theme and layout, all effects CTR and conversion? Recently there was an article on this blog on monetizing your blog […]

6 Great Resources for Link Building to Blogs

Many people say that blogging is about “great quality content” that is delivered consistently and concisely to the readership, which will grow as a result. This is certainly true, but it isn’t the only factor in blogging successfully. Search engines are now the primary source of traffic for most blogs, and this can be used […]

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Traffic

So you’re sitting at your computer, looking over the latest statistics about your blog’s traffic, and you’re asking yourself why. Why why why do I have 13 unique visitors a week? You’ve read all the blogs geared towards new bloggers and you think you have the basics down: Search engine optimization, tasteful ad placement, awesome […]

7 Free, Quick and Efficient Methods to Drive Traffic to your Blog

Traffic is the life blood of any business. Without traffic, your blog is meaningless. Most bloggers quit blogging just because they are unable to drive traffic to their blogs. What they fail to realize is that traffic generation is a skill that cannot be learned or achieved overnight. It requires long term commitment and hard […]

10 Important Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic – Part 2

Traffic generation is a skill which cannot be learned overnight. Of course, you can get ton of traffic from paid sources such as pay per clicks (ppc), banner advertisement and media buying. However, these sources will cost you lots of money. You can definitely go for paid traffic when you start generating profits from your […]

10 Important Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic – Part 1

Every blogger has a day when he finally decides to start a blog and reach out to his audience. So you have started the blog, made some posts, now what? You are expecting visitors! The first time you may get a few hits but to get the main attention you need to market your blog […]