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Content Marketing Success : 9 Ideas worth pursuing

content marketingIn this new era, the whole concept of marketing has crept into a new level. With people becoming more and more aware of the internet and its advantages, “Content marketing” is one such approach that companies use to gain the attention of customers. From providing online content for websites, blogs, social media channels, micro websites and advertising campaigners, “Content marketing” services are much in demand.

And as a blogger, it is very important that you know how to create some awesome content that will not only provide value to the community but be interesting to your readers.

9 ideas to make your content marketing a huge success!

1. Know your business

It is important that before you start any kind of content marketing campaign, you must know your ultimate goal and your business. You should also know your niche, the product that you’re trying to market, the market where the product is sold, key value propositions of the product and differentiating factor from the rest of the products available.

Knowing your target market and audience is the first step to content marketing success so get this straight.

2. Define strategy

For the success of your content marketing campaign, you must have a clear strategy in place. Your strategy should be based upon your ultimate goal and what you are trying to achieve.

Whatever product you decide to release to your niche market, it should be of quality and provide value to the prospects and the community.

3. Be buyer centric

If you want your online content marketing to succeed, you need to ensure that the content you develop should directly connect with the target audience. You need to understand the various levels of potential buyers and ensure that the relevant content is available for them. Even before you start developing your content, you need to focus on your prospect’s or audience’s requirements. Remember that you are writing for a specific group of people so it is vital that you know about them, their likes and dislikes.

4. Plan your strategy

In this phase you need to plan exactly what you are going to create. Your outline of the content, tactics that may be helpful etc should be ready to be implemented. Maintain a spreadsheet to track what you are going to post. This will not only create a checklist but also help you keep track of your current and upcoming posts. In this way, you can stay well organized and schedule your content accordingly.

5. Create the content

Now that you have planned your content, it is time that you get creative and develop the content. It is unlikely that you might have to post entire content at one go. Plan your postings accordingly and strictly adhere to the time lines that you have set up. Your in-depth research in the previous step which is planning your strategy would come in handy as to what to post during different time frames

6. Track & Analyze

It is always a good practice to analyze how your content is performing in the web. If you are not tracking your blog traffic then you won’t know what works and what doesn’t for your readers.

Open a Google analytic account (it’s free) before you launch your blog. You can also try out some premium analytical stuff such as clicky which is awesome for tracking real time visits to your blog. Another cool site is Neil Patel’s Kissmetrics and of course, Crazy Egg which is awesome for tracking clicks, heatmaps, split testing etc.

Bear in mind that monitoring performance is tough through social media websites which is why you should consider using an analytical tool.

7. Follow-up and Reach out

After publishing your content on your blog, make sure that you reach out to all the potential target audience. Use social media networking to your advantage. Try to respond to each feedback you get on your post. This doesn’t only show that you care for your readers but also increases your credibility as a knowledgeable blogger.

Observe that your online content marketing improves with each cycle that you publish.

You may also want to consider advertizing in websites and do pay per click marketing (PPC); such as Google adwords and facebook ads which are pretty good for driving traffic to your blog. If your content marketing addresses the target audience then you will not have any problem building connections and a super online audience.

8. Document and analyze performance

With frequent data collection of the performance of your content, you would be in a better position to analyze and improve on your future projects. Do not get de-moralized if your performance is bad. Document all your findings and ensure that you learn what not to do in your next assignment. Keeping a track of all your success and failures would be a good idea for reference in future.

9. Continue improvements

This should be a continuous process where you need to be more effective and stay in business to get more results. Re-track progress at least once in 2 months. Accordingly set your goals and targets. Create content and analyze data for those 2 months. You would be in a better position to decide what strategy worked and what did not.

Try to get feedback from customers, readers or fans and see what can be improved in your next content marketing campaigns. This will ensure that you can reach to the pulse of your target readers and be in business for a long time to come.

Content marketing cannot happen overnight and it requires a lot of strategic planning and implementation techniques in order to achieve immense success. You need to be in a position to reach out to the target online audience and connect with them. Now go out there and start creating some awesome content.

This guest post is contributed by Alyssa Clarke who is a blogger and also happens to be a tech lover. She is always on a look out for latest tech stuff and is currently hunting for some cool Mac apps. She recently read about the Toggle touch remote control and desperately wants to own it.

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