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Duplicate Content : Prevention is better than cure!

duplicate content

If you have been in internet marketing for a while or if you are a content creator, you have definitely heard the term “duplicate content” and have most likely been scared of the term “duplicate content penalty”.

Duplicate content occurs when you have content on your website that is similar to other content that already exists on the Internet. This situation results in your website to perform badly in the eyes of the search engines especially Google who takes this very seriously.

Why You Should Care

Duplicate content is not cool. If you are trying to produce or post rehashed content, your content will not do well in Google or other search engines, and you will not be able to drive any search traffic to your website.

According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, all website owners should provide unique content that deliver value to their visitors and internet at large. As opposed to this guideline, if your website consists of duplicate content, Google and other search engines view your content as spam and will reduce the Page Rank.

In simple terms, Google’s search algorithm devalues website that simply copies and pastes stuff from other websites and thus, ranks them very low. They may even remove your entire website from their search results which could be a nightmare.

Unfortunately, many internet marketers and content creators cannot see the opportunity here. Instead of being scared of the duplicate content penalty, you can be rewarded by the search engines for having unique and quality content. In other words, instead of blaming search engines for their elaborate approach, you should try to understand the benefits of providing unique content and enjoy the increased search ranking results by doing so.

Benefits of Unique Content

Unique content that presents useful and interesting information helps to build credibility and trust which is required for expanding reader base and create loyalty. Also, quality content has better chances of getting noticed by other popular websites that might consider linking to your pages giving you some link juice. Consequently, as you build more back links, both your Google Page Rank and search ranks will be boosted. Most importantly, this will increase your website’s traffic and help you reach your content marketing goals.

If you are the person who creates the content, you should never copy any existing content. You can search for the subject and topic you are going to write about but you should always use your own words and ideas. If you hire writers to create your content, you need to check the content you receive from your writers before publishing it on your website. Also, you need to check the content you have already published regularly to verify if any piece of your content has been copied by others.

Plagiarism is a serious issue which has some serious consequences and therefore it matters.

6 Popular Online Duplicate Content Checkers

There are some very successful tools to check for duplicate content very easily. The following is a list of the most popular duplicate content checkers with some explanations about their prominent features.

  1. Copyscape – Copyscape is the most famous and authoritative duplicate content checker on the internet. Copyscape’s products are used globally by millions of website owners. The tool has a free and paid version. With the free version, you can only search already published content. To be able to check unpublished content, you need to use the paid version. Copyscape searches Google and Yahoo for duplicate content.
  2. Duplichecker – Duplichecker is another free duplicate content checker. It allows you to check your unpublished content for free. You can either upload the .txt file or paste the content on the tool itself. With Duplichecker, you can search Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  3. Plagium – Plagium is another tool and it is a good alternative to Copyscape. One of the best features of the tool is that it sends an email alert in the case of your content is copied. Plagium checks your content on all Google, Yahoo and Bing. The tool has both free and premium membership versions.
  4. ArticleChecker – ArticleChecker is another reliable duplicate content checker tool that checks content on Yahoo and Google. It enables you to enter your content in the tool or upload a file containing your content.
  5. CopyGator – CopyGator provides an entirely free service that monitors your blog’s RSS feed. It can automatically notify you when your new post has been copied to another feed. Another great resource for bloggers.
  6. Webconfs.com – This site enables you to find out what percentage of two pages is similar. You simply enter the URLs of 2 similar pages, and the tool gives you the percentage.


As a smart blogger and an internet marketer, you should see the opportunity here instead of being scared of the search engines’ duplicate content penalty. You should always check your content with these effective tools to prevent the duplicate content issue.

As you provide unique and quality content, you will not be rewarded only by the search engines but also by your readers who will spend more time on your pages and become your loyal readers or customers. Avoid duplicate content and Be you-nique!

This guest post is contributed by Andrew who is trying to produce fresh content for an elevator company in New York keeping in mind possible problems with duplicate texts or paragraphs.

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