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How to Avoid Getting Your Account Suspended on Twitter

I have always wanted to talk about this. I should have done this post earlier because a lot of people have already suffered the consequences.

Whatever I am going to write today is totally based on my experiences. First of all, you all should know that twitter is not just a silly platform where you update your status and spam others; it is much more than that. Twitter is constantly improving their services and I am sure you can see the changes.

When twitter was launched in 2006, it didn’t have that many rules. You could do almost everything– from sending mass DMs to following massive people. Now why would you follow random people? Well of course, you want to be popular so you are expecting the person you follow to follow you back. If this is what is in your mind then please forget it— Twitter has changed a lot. You should go through their TOS which most people ignore. To be honest, they don’t have many rules to follow and if you do it straight, you will never have to suffer the consequences.

Now back to the topic; two of my twitter accounts which are linked to my other blogs were managed by a team member. The market has been saturated by tons of twitter tools that help you increase your followers. I finally decided to test drive and find out the best tool so, I asked my team to try out several of them using my other two twitter accounts.

The result—it went smooth for almost a month and a two but recently, I came to know that both of the accounts got suspended. Now imagine how it feels to gain almost 10k followers over couple of months and then losing them in a moment. Believe me, you don’t want this to happen.

So now what—I contacted the twitter support and explained them and finally got my accounts reinstated.

If you are thinking about breaking twitter’s TOS all the time, getting suspended and then requesting them to reinstate your account—you should stop using their service because this will never work. Erase this thought from your mind and focus on how to maintain your account.

Currently, twitter allows you to follow less than 1000 people on twitter on a daily basis. If you mass follow, you will be banned. I would not suggest you to use any random tools to increase your followers. There are some that really work but again, if you go against the TOS, even the tools are useless. It is not the machine, it is the user who does thing and faces the consequences. I strongly suggest that you choose couple of people who are in your niche and follow them.  Limit your following to 50-100 per day if you want to be on the safe side.


Massive following is not the only reason that can get your account suspended but it is the most valid reason. There is no point following random people, instead focus on targeted followers. There are several more causes such as Spamming, attacking an individual verbally etc that can also lead your account to get banned.

What to do when you account gets Suspended?

If your account gets suspended for aggressive following behaviors, you will need to send an email or contact the support and tell them that you have read and understood the TOS and will never perform such acts again.

First, find out why your account is suspended and then also check out Following Best Practices help page.


Twitter has gained notability and popularity worldwide. It is sometimes described as “SMS of the Internet. As a good twitter citizen, we should deliver the best and freshest most relevant information to people. Do not simply treat twitter as a social network, but an information network.

Make sure you follow twitter rules because they are dead serious about it and they will not tolerate any spam, aggressive following and abuse their service. If you account is brand new, follow 200 a day for a week and then take a break.

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I will be reviewing a few good twitter tools in the upcoming days and your feedback will be appreciated. If you have any questions or need tips, the comment box is all yours. Good luck and stay on the safe side…

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