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How To Make Money And Also Get Valuable Backlinks From Squidoo

How To Make Money And Get Backlinks From Squidoo

How To Make Money And Get Backlinks From Squidoo

I have been using squidoo for a while for various purposes. It has been almost 2 years and I have created more than 1000 lenses so far. Now I am sure you will ask me to show you the 1000 lenses and before you do that let me clarify it. I discovered squidoo in mid 2008 through a Google search and was hooked since then. It took me a while to understand the way it worked but I am adventurous; I dug deep into the squidoo world and learned a lot from designing to layout and coding. Couple of months later, I started creating some decent lenses, wala! Usually it doesn’t take that long to learn squidooing but once you master that, you can create an awesome lens in less than an hour. I created tons of lenses for me and also started helping others create a custom one for a small fee. This is how i reached the 1000 lens milestone :)

Today, I decided to enlighten everyone about the power ofSquidoo which is one of the largest social media network.

A Little About Squidoo

Squidoo was founded by the elite marketing guru Seth Godin who has also authored several fascinating books. Squidoo gets more than 12 million page views every month. Squidoo has changed the way people donate to charity online. Squidoo gives everyone a voice, and the opportunity to make (free) donations big and small, month in and month out, to organizations that matter.  You can read more about this at How Squidoo works with charity

What is a Lens and Who is a Lensmaster?

Squidoo allows you to create pages on almost any topic except adult and gambling niches. The pages are called lenses and the creator is known as the lensmaster.

So Whats The Deal?

Ok, so why create a lens? Squidoo has a Google Page Rank-7 and is very popular with the search engines. A lens is loaded almost every 1/4 of a second. Technorati says that Squidoo gets blogged about 2000+ times a day.

A lens do not only give you backlinks to your own website but with several money making modules, you can make money from squidoo.

There are various attractive money making modules on squidoo such as amazon, ebay, adsense, chitika, clickbank, zazzle, Netflix and more…

Now you don’t have a reason for not becoming a Squidoo addict just like me :)

Register at Squidoo and Become a Lensmaster Today

You may still have a lot of questions for me about squidoo but before you ask, I recommend you to check out the following related lenses that may answer your question:

If you follow all these tips, I am sure you will make money while creating valuable backlinks to your site. If you are serious about making 2-3 figures from squidoo lenses then you may also want to subscribe to one of my new blogs WhySquidoo which is provides squidoo tips and tricks.

If you want a custom squidoo lens but do not have time to create one yourself, then you may want to check out Squidoo Lens Builder. It is the best provider for squidoo lenses and other web services.

I hope you have learned something valuable from this post. If you have any questions, then please ask them through comments.

To your squidooing Success…

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  • http://weblogredux.com Hal Brown

    Thanks for this info about Squidoo. This is one of those things I’ve put off for a long time. Time to take time to see what I can do with this. So many ways for promo, so little time. :)

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  • http://www.corebloggers.com/ Nimit kashyap

    Very useful post.

  • http://www.mastermindblogger.com S Ahsan

    glad you found it useful. you got a neat blog, keep spreading knowledge :)

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    Squidoo is the great Way to get the backlinks as well as ranking

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    This info about Squidoo. That is one particular of those things I’ve place off for a long time. Time to take time to view what I can do with this. So a lot of approaches for promo, so little time.

  • http://www.blackoutblindsonline.org Blackout Blinds

    This is very helpful content. I am have been on the fence about getting into squidoo (there are a million different things to do it's hard to prioritze), but thanks to you I'm going to take the plunge.

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    Using this resource can also optimize Squidoo lenses: … Get started building your own high value backlinks with these websites!

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  • http://www.usainternetmarketing.com/ppc-management.php pay per click management

    squedo is really great, i have lens on it,, and i am getting great boost from them… thanks squido..

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    Yes I agree for this article and this Squidoo lenses site very fast scroll in google search engine so you get better and Quality backlink.

  • http://affiloblueprint.org affiloblueprint

    great post…I am going to head over to squidoo and see if I can build me a nice lens on affiloblueprint

    • http://www.salmanahsan.com Salman Ahsan

      sounds good. you should probably do that! and if you need a real kick-ass lens custom built for you at a reasonable price then check out http://www.squidoolensbuilder.com (its owned by me and run by my professional team) :)

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    Squidoo is really great way to gain more quality backlinks and traffic to your site. You can also meet a lot of new friends who will help you to gain more popularity and sales. And remember – Squidoo is fun :)

  • ben

    LOL , all this poeple ar eleaving comments on your blog with their website links trying to get some PR from Squidoo, none of them realised that all the Squidoo comment section is NoFollow!!LOL

    • http://www.salmanahsan.com Salman Ahsan

      heh! well I would suggest creating a nice quality lens instead of commenting for backlinks :)

  • http://listofbestonlinejobs.blogspot.in/ Chitra Lekha @ Make Money Online

    thank you for sharing, very useful post on Quidoo lenses and its backlinks

  • http://www.babygatesinfo.com carla

    This is the best information I learned about Squidoo so far. Thank you.

  • Dayo

    This is a good and useful post. I have created my squidoo account but don’t know how to use it well, please will you help me? Thanks

  • https://sites.google.com/site/punjaclaptopa/ punjac

    Thanks for the tip , i`ve heard before that squidoo can make beneficial impact on website seo and backlinks but i didnt know how

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