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How to Use Facebook Timeline without Annoying Your Friends

facebook timeline

Facebook Timeline is probably one of the biggest tweaks to this social networking service. Whether you hate it or love it, timeline is here to stay. Today I have a guest post from Alyssa who has provided some great tips on how you can better optimize your facebook profile for better engagement with your friends and audience. I hope you find it useful and make sure you comment and let us know what you think. Over to you Alyssa.

Earlier this year, Facebook added a new feature known as timeline that has changed the look and feel of Facebook pages to a great extent. The moment these changes surfaced, the users were seen going through these modifications coming due to the advent of timeline. There is no doubt that these changes are meant for the good, however, it caused a backfire on Facebook as users posed complaints saying that how the older version was better than the current one. Also, these added changes could be a nerve wracking thing for users who want to maintain a low profile over this social networking site. On the other side, a tangible amount of users also liked the idea of Facebook Timeline as they see enough room to find some funny and gorgeous cover pictures and add new life events using this feature. You definitely have something to work on and fill out on the Facebook Timeline without actually irritating your friends. It is also important to optimize your profile and page by using the proper image sizes. Read on to learn more about it…

Facebook Timeline Optimization Tips


What is Facebook Timeline?

Before you further dig deep into this thing, you need to understand what Facebook Timeline is all about. The timeline feature is seen with mixed kinds of reviews from the Facebook users. It was introduced for the users earlier this year and was finally implemented on the 30th of March 2012. This recent added feature helps the users to arrange all your Facebook activities or events in a sequential order. If you enable the timeline feature, you could easily see your complete life events in accordance to the years of occurrence simply by scrolling down or up the web page. As a matter of fact, the timeline feature is permanent and is one of the last tweaks to the social networking giant. Although there are various ways you can get your old facebook back, there is no permanent solution or fix for that; which means the quicker you get accustomed with the new layout, the better you will be at using it. Below I have added an infographic (thanks to Jon Loomer) that highlights the appropriate dimensions for the following timeline features:

  • Cover Photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Custom Tab Photo or Logo
  • Shared Photo
  • Highlighted Photo
  • Milestone Photo
  • Custom Tab Page

Facebook Timeline Image Dimensions

The feature of Cover photo

This added feature in Facebook allows users to add a cover picture on their profile. The cover picture is 851 x 315 in dimensions and is visible to the world. There is no way to make this image private so don’t upload anything crazy :). Basically, it allows you to display a picture in a form of a big banner over the top on your profile. The cover photo feature could be simply used in a most beautiful fashion provided if you are among the outgoing people or carry an artistic bent of mind. In case, if you are interested in maintaining a low profile or want to simply remain reserved, you can do so by putting any random picture as your cover photo or just leave it blank.

Check out CoverPhotoFinder.com, (developed by two past Facebook interns). This site provides a number of choices on pictures to be used as Cover photos. You could search out pictures by different categories including abstract, nature, animals, architecture, etc. So, whenever you save any new picture for your cover photo, Facebook would keep on saving in the new photo gallery in the same way it saves the previous profile pictures. Lastly, all you need to do is to clear this particular gallery before you make it live. For more resources on cover pictures, simply search google 😉

Trim Up Your Timeline

Facebook does an interesting job of putting some memorable pictures, events and some incredible experiences over its Timeline layout. However, this can go against privacy for many. If you are not interested in displaying what Facebook is keen to showcase then don’t worry, Facebook has given a solution for this. You can scroll back to the start of the Facebook Timeline (through the dates seen over the right side of the web page) and then navigate through the number of years simply to ensure that whatever goes on a display is okay to you. You can think of starting with some of the previous years when you had a small size network of friends on Facebook and thus could see the posted things, which you have put earlier. You can get everything in your control by simply navigating over different stories and clicking on the star icon to see a couple of items; you can then hide the posts which you do not want to share by clicking over the pencil icon.

Recently facebook received a huge backlash as millions of users saw what they believe to be their private messages from 2009 and earlier show up on their Facebook Timeline for all their friends to see. Here is what you can do to protect yourself. Check out the article “How to delete your facebook wall posts”, by thenextweb.

Restrict Certain Things

facebook privacy setting

The good thing about the Facebook timeline feature is that you along with your friends could post anything directly over your timeline. However, you can move a step ahead by having a complete control over your Facebook page by simply blocking your friends from tagging you in a number of life events. In order to do this, you simply have to open your Facebook account dropdown menu seen over the top and right corner of the Facebook page and then click over the ‘Privacy Settings’. Over the option – ‘How You Connect’, you have to click over the ‘Change Settings’, then from the given dropdown menu check the option –‘who can post on your wall’. This option ‘How You Connect’ would simply help you in customizing as per your privacy requirements. You should also limit the audience for past posts which is quite important if you are concerned about privacy.

Create a thumbnail for an App

facebook apps thumbnails

If you look just below your Facebook cover photo, you get to see the thumbnails, which render an instant access to all your Friends List, Notes, Photos, and Subscription. In order to add a thumbnail on any application that you often use (including the games or any other application), you simply have to click over the arrow button found over the right side of these thumbnails, now click the thumbnail carrying a plus sign over it, and click over your favorite game or application you intend to add.

If you see any number over the arrow button, this simply symbolizes the number of items not revealed; however, this can appear only while clicking over the button to expand the said area. You have the option to move the thumbnail or simply remove it from the said Featured area. This could be done by simply putting your mouse pointer over the thumbnail, then just click the edit button that is seen followed by clicking over your preferred option. You are done. Still having problem? You might want to check out this article by allfacebook. Why you should add thumbnails? Because they look cool :). Facebook queen Amy Porterfield encourages to using Thumbnails and Custom Apps to Drive Engagement.


Facebook is the top social networking platform where you can share stuff related to your life, work, passion, hobbies etc. Bloggers, marketers and a wide range of business professionals can utilize facebook for getting massive exposure to their brand or product. However, too much of promotion can get irritating. It is equally important that your status updates shouldn’t annoy your friends. Do not post all day because you don’t want to take over the timeline. Your friends don’t want to see your stuff all day. Try providing value and useful tips more often than promoting your brand or product. I am sure by keeping these simple tips in mind, you will not only prevent irritating your friends and audience with your posts but develop better relationship with them.

Note from Salman: hey guys, I hope you enjoyed Alyssa’s article on facebook timeline. She did her best in explaining stuff and I appreciate it. However, there is lot more to cover on this topic and I feel that she did not include enough references or resources. I am working on a video called “Facebook pages for bloggers” and I intend to include as much awesomeness as possible. Thanks for your support and I’ll see you in the next post.

PS: Comment and let us know what you think about this post. Is there anything specific you want to know about facebook timeline?

This guest post is contributed by Alyssa who is a blogger by profession. She is a big fan of Mark Zuckerberg and loves her various supports to numerous charities and wishes to contribute and work for charitable organization in her free time.

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