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Learn The Secret to High PR Blogs

I’ve just started my blog and I don’t have many visitors, but the numbers are constantly growing just from google.
I’m not an SEO expert but I’ve read an interesting article: “Secrets to a PR 7 blog” which I wanted to share with you. I’ll try to follow these steps as much as I can.
Get links from old and highly trusted domains.
Get site-wide links from a huge site with 150,000+ pages (a large forum perhaps).
Get a few deep links from relevant articles or content.
No massive and low-level directory submissions.
Avoid link exchanges, esp. from new domains.
The results of these tips were 2 blogs with PR7 in 6 months.
Tips for a PR 7 Blog

Tips for a PR 7 Blog

As most of you should know that MasterMindBlogger is quite new since i have started this couple of months ago and unlike some popular blogs, I do not get tons of visitors yet.  But the numbers are constantly growing just from google and yahoo.

What is Google PR & Why does it matter?

PageRank is a numeric value given by google that represents how important a page is on the internet or website. Now how does google figure that out? When one page links to another page on the web, it is basically showing that the other page is important and valuable. If there are more pages linking to one particular page, it clearly shows that this page is important. Google calculates the PR of a page by checking out how many other pages have linked to this page.

In simple terms, PR is Google’s method of deciding a page’s value on the net. It matters because it is one of the biggest factors that determine a page’s ranking in the search results. Of course, there are a multitude of other factors determining where your site stacks up against the rest of your competition.

Now remember, not all links are counted by google. A lot of webmasters and bloggers try to achieve a higher PR by applying various methods without realizing that some of them can be detrimental to your sites. So be careful when it comes to linking. If a website has PR0, it might have been penalized by google and it would be unwise to link to it.

To learn more about PR, you should consider reading and understanding the following terms:

Meta Tags

Keyword Density

Outbound Hyperlinks


What factors affect PR and How to improve it

Google PR is all about who links to your website and who do you link to. You can definitely improve your PR; consider the following steps:

  • Acquire links from old and highly trusted domains.
  • Get deep links from relevant articles or content.
  • Get site-wide links from a huge popular site ( a forum is a good idea; consider sites with 150,000+ pages).
  • Avoid massive and low-value directory submissions.
  • Avoid link exchanges from fairly new or crappy domains.

I do not personally guarantee that by following the steps would get your blog to a PR 6-8 instantly but these methods are very important and will definitely benefit you if applied in the right way. If you have questions then you can ask. Please feel free to add your suggestions through commenting.

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