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35 Creative and Real Ways to Make Your Blog Popular

make your blog popular

Want to make your blog popular? 🙂 Oh well,.. keep dreaming sonny boy. It might sound like a piece of cake but in reality, only a few have succeeded in this field. Don’t get me wrong; if you are committed and have something unique and thought provoking stuff to share, you will probably climb the ladder faster than others. Bloggers like Pat Flynn and Neil Patel gets ton of engagement on their posts. Why? Because they are targeted and deliver some serious value. Just go and check them out for yourself. They not only have a huge list of loyal audience, but are making shit loads of money on the process. Now making six-seven figures by being transparent and delivering value doesn’t sound so bad to me. I’ll take that any day.

By the way, I am updating this blog post to test some search engine result :). I am sure 99% of the methods posted below still apply today ( in 2014) – I will be adding some examples of each so you can see how others are doing it. For now, chill and take action.

So here you go. This is probably one of my shortest blog post filled with 1 liners 🙂 Please don’t hate me.

I have compiled the list of tips after some good research. If you seriously want to make your blog popular, follow all of the methods listed and I can pretty much guarantee you success. If you follow any famous bloggers, try to analyze their blogging pattern. If you look closely, you will notice they follow the list to a great extent.

You can also print it out and hang it on the wall so you can stay true to your words. I will probably do the same. If you want to add something to the list or want something removed because you think its irrelevant, let me know in the comments. So without further ado…

  1. Write several pillar articles a week.
  2. Start a contest and keep up with it.
  3. Give away freebies whenever possible. We all love free stuff.
  4. Write about your life and experience once a while.
  5. Share your secrets to success or something that will benefit others.
  6. Share your personal views and opinions with your readers.
  7. Ask questions to your readers and write on the topics they are interested in.
  8. Start a controversy and keep it clean.
  9. Interview other bloggers and post the interview on your blog.
  10. Write about other bloggers and their success stories.
  11. Use humor in your post.
  12. Tweak your blog and maintain it’s health.
  13. Brand your blog with a good slogan and logo.
  14. Write an e-book that can add value to your blog and distribute it for free.
  15. Give out t-shirts or merchandise with your brand on it.
  16. Introduce popular and legitimate methods of making passive income.
  17. Encourage your readers to share opinions through comments.
  18. Create polls based on the latest buzz.
  19. Break a story and let your visitors know it first.
  20. Share link love.
  21. Request other bloggers to exchange links with you.
  22. Write about your blog’s achievement and success.
  23. Buy paid reviews from famous bloggers.
  24. Build or find tools that your visitors will find useful.
  25. Start a newsletter and keep your visitors up to date.
  26. Support a non-profit organization and encourage people to do the same.
  27. Organize a meeting in your local to connect all the bloggers.
  28. Create video tutorials and post them on youtube.
  29. Dig up some old popular articles on your blog and start a discussion.
  30. Advertise on the newspaper.
  31. Get featured in a print magazine.
  32. Do podcasting whenever you can.
  33. Be an active user on social sites.
  34. Lookout for people who need assistance and help them out.
  35. Post often, help your readers and be yourself.

I find the last point (35) very true and probably the most important tip 🙂 What do you think? Feel free to share and add yours through comments.

To Your Success

Salman Ahsan signing out…

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