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Moving WordPress Blog To New Host: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

moving wordpress blog

Couple of months ago, I transferred some of my wordpress blogs to a new hosting. Now if you are wondering why I decided to move – currently, I have quite a sum of domains hosted in 4 different servers. My main purpose was to separate my niche sites and forums from my main blogs, Mastermind Blogger and my personal blog. There is no problem whatsoever in hosting several sites in one host but I prefer to keep them separate as it helps in managing them better.

Transferring wordpress blog to another hosting service is a topic I come across pretty often and I personally experienced both good and bad so, today, I finally decided to write a tutorial in depth which will help anyone, even a newbie to move a wordpress blog from one host to another in less than 30 minutes with zero downtime. Make sure you read and understand it before you implement it because screwing up your database may cost you a fortune. I definitely do not want that so make sure you understand and ask questions if you have any at the end of the post.

So without further ado, I present to you…

Moving WordPress Blog in 5 Easy Steps


1. Backup WordPress Files and Database

Using the import/export option


There are 2 ways to backup your wordpress database. One way is using phpmyadmin and the other is the export option in the wordpress dashboard. We will move wordpress using import/export option which is pretty slick. So now, we need to export all data/content from the old host. Follow the methods below.

If you do the above, you should have the xml file. Save it and keep it in a location that you will remember.

Now open up your favorite ftp client and go to the root. Copy and make backup of the entire wp-content folder. Make sure you know the location of the drive where you save the folder so you could easily access it later.

2. Setup DNS Server Records

At first, when i was a newbie :), I did this differently and unfortunately faced several consequences such as blog didn’t function and experienced a server downtime. Here, I am going to explain how we can setup the DNS records while ensuring that our blog is functioning the way it should. If you do this, you are least likely to experience a downtime.

Usually most people replace the old name servers with the new one but, we will do this a little differently.

First, login to your domain registrar. I am going to use godaddy as an example but if you use different domain registrar then refer to the guides and videos created by hostgator.

Go to the domain you wish to change the dns record and instead of replacing the old values with the new ones, add 2 more just like shown in the image.

As you can see, wpwebhost is the old name server and hostgator is the new one. This will allow us to run our blog on two different hosts simultaneously. If you ask why do it this way – Just to be on the safe side. A good example would be – Let’s say you change the name servers and later find out that your blog is not functioning properly on the new host; you have to switch back and forth and keep updating name servers until you get your blog right on track. This is hectic and the only way to avoid this is by following the method.

If you are a pro and are confident in your skills then you can simply replace the name servers instead of doing the extras.

Once you have added the name servers, you need to login to your host’s cpanel and add the domain there. I hope you don’t need a tutorial for that. However, I have added some pictures from the cpanel to help you out, thanks to hostgator 😉

3. Install WordPress on the New Host

After completing the following tasks :

  • backing up files and databases,
  • adding (not changing) nameservers,
  • adding domain,

you need to install wordpress on the new host. Most hosting services have cpanels which can install wordpress with a click. Once you have installed the wordpress on the new web host, go to “Tools” and click “Import”. Now we will import all the content which we have exported earlier from the old host.

4. Importing the old files to the new blog

We are pretty much done. Now we need to verify that the blog on the new host is functioning properly. To do that, follow the procedures below. I didn’t want to write a tutorial on it as I found a relevant post written by someone 🙂 which explains well.

Verify Your Blog Functionality on New Host (Optional)


5. Replace Old Nameservers with New One

Once you see your blog running properly, its time that you replace the old name servers with the new one. This time we will replace it and not add. So now you should have only 2 name servers instead of 4.

Edit your host files and remove static domain name resolution by commenting out the command. You can do this by adding a # sign just before the line or you can simply remove the entry.

Use command prompt to make sure that your dynamic domain name resolution point to your new host. It is not necessary but it will tell you if your blog is running properly on the new host. If you have followed all the way then you shouldn’t have any problems moving wordpress blog.

DNS servers can take time to propagate. It can take up to 48-72 hours in some cases but most of the time its fast and done in less than an hour.

Alternate ways to backup database

Backing up and moving wordpress using phpmyadmin


As i mentioned earlier that I am going to use the import/export option to move wordpress to new host. A lot of my readers were confused so I thought of clearing this up. You can either use the import/export OR phpmyadmin to move wordpress. I explained the import option above. If you want to do the other way that is, using phpmyadmin then check out the links below. These are some excellent guides I have found. I plan on writing my own version and will do that quite soon. But for now, I prefer the import/export option 🙂

Bottom Line

If your blog is running the way it should, you can delete the old account from your old host and continue posting on the new one. 🙂 The purpose of this post was to help everyone with moving wordpress blog to new host. I hope you guys find it useful. Please let me know if I have missed anything and what works best for you.

Do you want to make backup, restoration and migration to new host fully automatic? You must read my review on backup buddy. Moving wordpress blog using this plugin is easy breezy 🙂

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  • I’m sad you didn’t post this a few weeks ago. I just moved my blog from a sub domain to its own domain and came very close to completely messing up. Will keep this for future reference though 🙂

    • oops! sorry about that! I was so so busy with other projects. I am glad I was able to redesign this blog and now my focus is to provide the best content. Keep bookmarking the posts because they will always come in handy. Btw, look out for the upcoming newsletter along with weekly freebies 🙂

    • Hi but this is on time for me. I am going to move one of my blog. thanks

  • christianna


    A very useful post. I have saved it. What I would like to ask you is how can I monetize my wordpress blog without moving it, as the process is a bit too complicated for me to manage.

    • Thanks for the comment. So your question is how to monetize a blog which is not related to the post “moving your blog” 🙂 .. There are several ways to do that, serving ad blocks, building an email list, creating a membership section, adsense (if you got the traffic), etc etc. I don’t have a post on this yet but I am planning to write a detailed post on monetizing wordpress blogs pretty soon so look out for it.

      Note: if your blog is not self-hosted then there might be lesser methods of monetization compared to self-hosted blogs

  • Corey

    I am really interested in the DNS setup you have talked about here. “This will allow us to run our blog on two different hosts simultaneously.” I wanted to know if you could use this for a fail safe. What I mean by that is that if one server went down would it pick your site up from the other one? I have a site that uses a lot of resources and sometimes they shut it down. If that were to happen would it automatically use the other set of DNS to display my site or am I off base with that?

    • you can try that! I think it should work. Also install a cache plugin.

  • I just switched over to hostgator and moved my wordpress, but it’s been over 48 hours and the nameservers still continue to switch back and forth between the new nameservers and the old nameservers. So frustrating!

  • jason

    with this tutorial, is all media getting transfered? why do you not have to downloade the whole database? the import/export feature in wordpress isn’t the database is it?

    • I just noticed something; seems like a small chunk is missing. I said backup everything but seems like it wasn’t clear. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will update this very soon and then it will be the complete guide 🙂

  • Hi Salman – thanks for a great post. I have a question though:
    I’m trying to redirect the site locally using the windows hosts file but not sure about the format – the traditional format works fine: http://www.example.com

    but in this case I’d like it to redirect to

    When I enter the below though it doesn’t work: http://www.example.com

    Any suggestions as to how I might fix this using the HOSTS file – I’d rather not play around with the phpadmin and databases if possible? Thanks

    • Hey Wabber,

      Thanks for giving me another idea for my next post :). I cant explain everything in the comments so I will write a detailed post on this topic sometime later. For now, you may find your solution in the links below:

      How do i modify hosts file in windows to redirect?
      Redirect or block sites using HOSTS file
      How to use the Hosts File

      If you still face problems then let me know and ill find a way around. Recently I moved my blog from justhost to hostgator using backupbuddy. Trust me, it took only minutes. The easiest and fastest way of moving wordpress blogs I have ever seen. If you want to learn more about it, make sure you check out the next post that is coming up shortly. I have screenshots of how i did it and I will post it with step by step details. The plugin also has some extra sweet features which i will reveal in the post. 🙂

  • Shawn

    I’m confused by what reason I would change the wp-config file, updating the old to the new. I exported my old site, imported my site (on a fresh WP install) and it seems to work fine.

    Also, for what reason would I download the wp-contents folder from the old site? Do I upload (replace) the new one created in the new WP install? The posting does not cover this.

    • i’m using the import/export option Shawn. you download the wp-content from the old site because that folder contains all the themes, plugins. If you want your site (hosted on the new server) to look just like the way it did, you need to replace the new wp-content with the old one. doing it using phpmyadmin is quite different 🙂 I have updated the post and thanks for letting me know

  • Josh

    This information is very useful, but I have a specific question. I am trying to figure out what the advantages are to setting up on another host other than wordpress?

    • Now I am a little confused with your question Josh.. This post is about transferring self hosted wordpress blogs from one hosting to another hosting. For example moving from hostgator to hostmonster . . I dont understand what you meant by “setting up on another host other than wordpress”. wordpress is not a hosting company, its a blogging platform. Maybe if you be a little precise, Ill be able to answer your question 🙂

  • SEO_Robert

    I always got a little confused about the backing up of the actual files. The SQL database is fine, but what about the files that you may have edited in the Theme>Edit section of Admin? Are *all* the changes made there including style.css backed up using the methods you state above, ie. copy one of the WP folders only?

    I have been meaning to try this just on a test server, but never got around to it – can you tell me, is this a foolproof backup for wordpress?

  • This is AWESOME. Thanks. Quick question that someone asked above and wanted to make sure that I understood your instructions about backing up. When I back-up all of the content does that mean that all of the images and corresponding urls will be the same. I migrated once and all of the links got all screwed up. Again, this is great and EXTREMELY helpful and accessible.

    • hey Bruce, yes, the links will be same. If they are screwed up, you need to check and update permalinks from your wordpress dashboard.

  • Hi Salman! Thanks for sharing such a detailed post. My question is I got a wordpress blog with lot of visitors. Now I wish to host it myself, ie I am planning to move my wordpress.com blog to self hosted wrdpress.org . so what about the already establishedlinks? how to redirect? without their service? any idea?

    • Salman Ahsan

      now are you trying to say what happens when your wordpress.org files change to .com when you transfer to your host? Well first of all, you can export all content from wordpress.org with a simple plugin and then import them back on your new wordpress installation. Change the permalinks and it should work :). If you have created backlinks to your previous wordpress.org site then you can do a 301 redirect to your new self hosted site so you dont lose the link juice 😉 Hope that helps.

      I love questions and I love comments. I have been really busy but I am also trying to create some good content for this blog. Your questions and comments motivate me and you guys literally give me topics to write on so kudos 🙂

  • Hi, thanks for guide…
    I just wan’t to ask is this tutorial for moving to new host with new domain name, or same domain with another hosting company…
    thanks in advance 🙂

    • Salman Ahsan

      come on, the title says that moving wordpress blog to new host .. i dont see domain anywhere 🙂

  • Thanks for the guide -very useful. Moved the blog from wordpress to my own site no problem, but when I create and post a blog now the WordPress formats are lost when it publishes (fonts, bold , bullets etc).

    Anyone know how I can ensure what I see in WordPress is what I get on my own site once published? Site is in Magento. Blog in WordPress. Tks.

  • Thanks for the information, actually I’m planning to moving my site to new hosting company, I will follow this guide.

  • sorin


    I made a site,on a free host,so after i finish the site with all the contain,i buy a domain and a host,so i want to move the content from the old site.I wanna use the domain i just buy and the new host.I use WordPress and the host is 1&1.
    I hope that you understand what is my point.

    • Salman Ahsan

      I do understand what you are trying to do here. You want to move your content from your old FREE host to the new paid host and domain right? Install fresh copy of wordpress on your new hosting after setting up domain DNS. Then just use the import/export option on the wordpress dashboard to migrate. I hope I have made it clear. Good luck

  • I succed,thank you Salman,now everything works good.So after one week,how much traffic to be expected?

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  • Very useful for what I’m going to do. I think it does apply when you move a blog to a new host for re-branding purposes. In this case I know you have to apply a 301 redirect. How you do that?

    • Salman Ahsan

      using .htaccess, you can easily do a 301 redirect. Just google 🙂

  • Thanks for this info – didnt know there was an export function in wordpress duh! Will help me heaps in the future…

  • I had had a designer move my blog Blogger to a WordPress self-hosted site with a custom theme and banner. Now I want to re-make the website completely — all custom. This seems trickier than just moving it from wordpress.com to self-hosting. How should I go about it? I do not want to accidentally lose all my content. Thanks!

  • Cas

    I am moving all of my blogs across to a new server, but am installing new themes and tidying up the sites. If you want to just move across data from one plugin (in this case Digg Digg), can you do that by just transferring the folder across into the new wp-content folder? I’m just asking because I want to know if I can keep all the “likes” “shares” etc for the various social sharing buttons.

    • Salman Ahsan

      According to my research, the likes and shares should remain unchanged. This is because the domain is unchanged. When a link is shared on a social site such as twitter, the tweet count will remain the same as long as the URL remains the same and exists on twitter. Lets say 100 people has retweeted your post, it will always show 100 as long as the link is live. Hope I was able to clarify.

      • Cas

        Thanks Salman! I am in the process of moving stuff across but ofcourse the domain name hasn’t transferred yet. So fingers crossed you are correct.

  • Meg

    This all seems very straightforward except that the new wordpress installation is located at exactly the same URL as the old one, meaning my browser directs me to the website login page which is currently being used by the old host! Therefore I can’t login to the new installation to import my data. Help?

    • Meg, it should be the DNS propagation I think. Firstly, you need to have your data from your old site and then change the DNS from the domain provider. DNS propagation takes a bit to complete (1-2 days). After this is done you’ll be able to log on to your new (old) site.

      • Meg

        Ah ok – thanks 🙂

      • Salman Ahsan

        Thanks for helping out Meg 🙂

  • Thanks for the information .According to my research, the likes and shares should remain unchanged. How should I go about it? I do not want to accidentally lose all my content. Thanks!

  • Great guide. I am migrating my sites this weekend, since the last host kept suspending my account for overuse. Will definitely use this.

    One question, does the WordPress DB export export everything in the database for plugins, as well as posts etc? For example, many plugins create their own DB tables. Will this export function take those?

    • Salman Ahsan

      What host suspended your account? 🙂 that sucks. But its always good to see the traffic I believe. The import/export plugin does the thing for the posts, pages and comments but not the plugins. Remember, its only for import exporting and not for backing up your entire database and restoring it on a different server. You will need backup buddy for that. Or maybe you know any other tools?

  • Jason

    I’m just about to move hosts as well, so this article is great. One quick question, I have my mailbox at my old host, how easy is it to move it over to my new host. My current host uses cpanel, but my new host is VPS so using plesk.

    • Salman Ahsan

      dont you use any desktop email clients (outlook, thunderbird) to manage your POP email accounts? If you do then you should have all the emails there and when you transfer to the new host, you simply create the same email account in the cpanel and once the DNS is set, you should be receiving your emails just the way you did before. If I got your question right then this could be a possible solution. Let me know.

  • Jason

    I don’t use a desktop email client, I just setup my mailbox on my current host’s server using Webmail that I access through cpanel. My new host uses plesk and I want to set up my mailbox on there, but I want to copy over all my mails and hopefully still use the same email address.

    • Salman Ahsan

      were you able to find a fix? If not let me know and ill see what I can do. If you have an import/export option for the email then you can or else its hard luck. However, you can definitely use the same email again.

  • Strange request.

    I have a client who does not want to change their links but wants to move to the WordPress platform.

    My issue is because they rank very high in SEO because of root domains linking back to him, a requirement is they keep the current link structure.


    Is this possible to keep is current links intact so when I create a page like
    http://www.client-site.com/practice-areas/ it will look like the above link.


    • Salman Ahsan

      First of all, sorry for not responding earlier. I didn’t see your message. There were ton of comments I had to moderate. Anyways, back to the topic. Have you heard about 301 redirect? I am sure your solution lies here: http://www.seomoz.org/learn-seo/redirection – Seomoz has done a great job in explaining 301 redirect so check it out and let me know if you need further assistance.

  • This is a great tutorial. The illustrative nature of the post made it more interesting and easy to understand. Moving a blog to another host is a major change and if not properly done, it can have a great impact on a site in a negative way. So, care should be taken. Great that you explained it in a clear and easy manner.

  • Thank you for this – earlier Meg said – “This all seems very straightforward except that the new wordpress installation is located at exactly the same URL as the old one, meaning my browser directs me to the website login page which is currently being used by the old host! Therefore I can’t login to the new installation to import my data. Help?”

    I have the same issue – does your reply mean that my site will be down for a while and I will just need to change the name servers and not use both sets of name servers?
    Many thanks

    • Salman Ahsan

      Yes Sue, usually its the DNS propagation. You use the new name server on the domain. For example if you are moving from hostgator to justhost, you will have to change your hostgator dns to justhost which is NS1.justhost.com etc. Some DNS changes can take time from 24 hours to 48 hours. Set this up and if you still have problems then drop by and let me know. Good luck

  • Thank you very much for the instruction. It helped me greatly. I have a question with step 3. After I installed the Woedpress on the new host, I got a new password for the same site. But because the old one is still running, how do I get to the new one? Thanks again.

    • Salman Ahsan

      your login should remain intact. It shouldnt change if you use backup buddy to migrate your blog. But if you are shifting database only and have to install fresh wordpress on the new host, then, just use the new login details. I hope I got your question right.

  • hi, I also came across the situation situation where I wanted to migrate my blog http://www.alchmist.com from a sub domain to the new root domain, where I used a much simpler method which is explained in blog http://www.alchmist.com/?p=143

  • Dan J

    Have you ever tried or seen this? halty.net/website_mover_0.2.zip
    claims to be compatible with wordpress but I am reluctant to try this on my live blog (my goal is to switch from godaddy to dreamhost and I have a new domain at dreamhost)


    • Salman Ahsan

      personally I dont know halty’s website mover because I didnt use it. You still need to have some wordpress skills to set it up unlike backup buddy which is just 3 clicks 🙂

      However, if you face any difficulties moving your site, let me know and ill check it out. Good luck

  • ram

    Will I get 404 errors?

    • Salman Ahsan

      you shouldnt if you do it right.

  • Hello! Thanks for this post. I’m currently trying to migrate my wordpress installation to a new host! I made a mistake and changed my name servers too soon. I did stage 2. and added the new name servers and kept the old ones. It instantly pointed at the new host, where nothing was installed.

    So now I’ve reverted the nameservers back to the old host – an nothing is loading. I think it might be propagating still…

    I cant access my old installation to backup my database. Have I done any permanent damage? I suppose I have to wait and see what happens, but do you have any tips or advice?

    Thank you very much!

    • Salman Ahsan

      Changing name servers too often within 24 hours is not recommended 🙂 because it will take time to propagate.

  • Bryan

    I want offer a different way to verify your blog is functioning on a new host.

    The easiest way I know to verify a new host is working is…

    1. Go to your [OLD HOSTING ACCOUNT] – Control Panel – file manager.
    2. Find the folder ‘mydomain.com’ Rename the folder to something like mydomain.comX [Notice the X at the end of .com]
    3. Try to visit your website e.g. [www.yourwebsite.com]

    Two things could happen
    A) If the home page returns a ‘404 website not found’ then your website is not functioning from the new hosting account.

    B) If the home page is working then your website is working from your new hosting.

    I believe this is an easier way to verify your new host is working or not

    Thank you for sharing ‘Moving a wordpress blog to a new host’ I found this post very useful in moving my site. 🙂

    • Salman Ahsan

      Thanks for your contribution Bryan :). And I am glad that you found my content useful.

  • Liz

    Hi Salman,
    I wanted to know if I could “hire” you to move my word press site from one hosting to another.
    I do have all of the files backed up (my ex-husband sent them to me) but I did not create my blog (he did & he has it on hos Go Daddy hosting) & I am not familiar with all of the tech side of the blog 🙂
    I would prefer to have “full” control of my blog so I can have it on my own hosting Go Daddy or another you would recommend.
    Please contact me direct to let me know if this is an option.
    Thanks Liz

  • hey i get almost everything but what we need to do with the “wp-content” folder that we have downloaded from Filezilla? PLEASE HELP i’m in deep trouble

    • Salman Ahsan

      wp-content folder has all your stuff including themes, plugins etc. So if you replace it, you will get all of your old stuff back intact 🙂

  • Do we need to have same passwords and username as we have it in previous wordpress? or it t don’t matters what passwords or usernames we choose?

    • Salman Ahsan

      It depends. If you are installing new wordpress and only import/exporting then the new login details apply. If you move the entire blog using backup buddy or manually then the old logins should work fine.

  • thanks a lot, iam going to move my site to hostgator

  • Hi Master. I did all as said, but now all posts and pages gets 404 error. Home page is ok but everything else is just 404. What can be?
    I changed permalinks, disabled enabled plugins …
    Also Is good to mention that for me all is working actually but all other visitors see 404 error. I cleaned my cache but again all is ok for me and for all other 404.

    • Salman Ahsan

      404 error is one of the most recognizable errors you can find on the web. Usually its due to broken links ; could be a permalink issue or database issue. If you need assistance then you will have to contact us for a quote 🙂 our team will fix your stuff right away. http://www.mastermindblogger.com/contact/

  • Thank you Salman for the tips. I have successfully moving my blog to “Baby” Hostgator.

  • Great article – cheers 🙂

    Just to clarify before I start on this, does this move everything including your themes, widgets skins etc or do you need to install them separately afterwards?

    • Salman Ahsan

      Your Themes, plugins are in the wp-content folder. So, if you transfer that and do the manual migration, it should work fine 🙂 . Orelse check out backup buddy. Let me know if you have more questions.

  • Ahmed

    Hi, I would like to know if is it possible to transfer a wordpress site to another host with access only to Cpanel(don`t have access to phpadmin,the site itself as there where problems with a virus and most important can not get hold of hosting company as they seem to have vanished,
    also is there a way of coping wpconent,wpadmin,etc.. from Cpanel as the copying button doesn`t seem to function
    Thank you

    • Salman Ahsan

      If theres a virus then probably the database is corrupted. You can probably use the import/export plugin for wordpress to get the posts, comments etc. You will still need access to the FTP if you want to transfer your wp-content folder.

  • You did not explain what to do with the backup of wp-content folder?

    • Salman Ahsan

      wp-content has all your plugins and themes so if you want them back on your new host then you have to copy them and replace. Not sure why I didnt mention this on the post but Ill go back and check. Thanks

  • I have just moved my site from old hosting to new hosting server using the steps provided by you. Site looks good. I have a question if i post new article, will that new article be saved in old server or new server. If it is saved in old server then it is challenge in replicating in new server.

  • Id never for once think of the import and export function in wp, and thanks again for sharing how to ping the site and avoid less on no downtime…
    What you shared here is on point.. thanks a lot

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  • Steve

    Help my host disapeared site gone I did have WP2DB and have everything backed up to dropbox I am about to set up a new host but am very scared once I get the new host setup and dns switched.. then I go into cpanel and install wordpress? then can I upload everything that was saved to my dropbox? omg 7 weeks of hell designing the site and now it could be all gone
    Hepl please

    • Salman Ahsan

      Mate, if you have everything backed up then you shouldnt worry. It might be a little complicated depending on the situation but you can always hire someone. We also provide wordpress services so feel free to contact us.

      PS: there is no reason to be scared. You can easily switch DNS setting. I am not sure why your host disappeared but if you be a little more specific, maybe I can help.

  • I also wrote a tutorial on how to move wordpress to a new domain

    I used phpmyadmin method that is steps to move the wordpress to a new domain manually

  • I’m not sure how to get to my root in the ftp and find the wp-content folder.

    • Salman Ahsan

      The public_html folder is the web root for your primary domain name. If you login through your ftp, you will see this. Just enter and you will find your wp-content folder.

  • Thanks. I was needing to move a new site that was created for me from their host and was wondering how to go about it. Best of all it’s a baby gator account which makes it all the more seamless.

  • tim moncada

    Hi! Any idea how to add nameservers in nichebuilder?

  • I have migrated all my data via importing XML file. But here is a problem, i am using WordPress SEO plugin and no meta tags are migrated to my new blog. What to do now admin?

    • Well I have heard there are several plugins available which can easily migrate your SEO Data, you can try out those. Also, I think AIO SEO Plugin allows this things for easy move!

  • Very good steps. I was looking for this information a few days ago. I am not sure if Hostgator is the best in the word but it certainly is one of the best. Some say that Bluehost is beter. But who knows. Its’s all about experince!!

  • Thanks alot for this wonderful tutorial, i really appreciate it, thank you.

    Just moved my blog to wordpress

  • Joe

    I’m in the middle process of transferring my blog. Thanks for this tutorials.

  • rob

    Some good info here, but there is a major drawback in just exporting in XML – it doesn’t move all the widget and plugin settings, so you have to set the widgets up again.

    Best option is to backup the database using phpmyadmin and you then have the whole database in a .sql file. Then restore.

    • Salman Ahsan

      Thanks for the tips.. Looks like the post needs a quick update 🙂

  • Whoa, I never knew if it would be much easier to migrate my wordpress blog using the built-in export/import tools. I always use PHPMyAdmin on the Cpanel. Thanks a lot for sharing this info.

  • Really this tutorial helped my blog..
    I have simply stirred my web site from recent hosting to new hosting server victimization the steps provided by you. web site appearance looks smart from earlier.

    Thanks mate…

    Thanks for sharing the brilliant stuff.

  • Thanks. I was needing to move a new site that was created for me from their host and was wondering how to go about it. Best of all it’s a baby gator account which makes it all the more seamless.

  • Very useful for what I’m going to do. I think it does apply when you move a blog to a new host for re-branding purposes.

  • Hi, quick question: do the replies of people on your posts (on a wordpress.com blog) come along to your new wordpress.org website??

    • Salman Ahsan

      Yes it does.

  • Thanks for the guide -very useful. Moved the blog from wordpress to my own site with no problem.

  • Recently I moved my WordPress Blog to another host that I bought during Black Friday. I followed your guide and found it very easy. Previously I was getting database error but it is solved now. Thanks again for your in depth article.

  • Hey Salman,

    Nice post, but have you tested pointing your nameservers to 2 different hosts at the same time?

    How is that going to work, just curious….don’t nameservers just randomly connect….so if the site at one host is not finished…well, not quite following, but I am always open to learning. 🙂



  • Excellent data that you simply discussed here.
    Great post, nevertheless perhaps you have tried directing your own nameservers to 3 various hosts as well? thanks a lot 😀

    Give thanks to to your work.