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Online Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing – and the winner is

Online Marketing

Marketing hasn’t changed much. It has only evolved with time. Online marketing is growing rapidly and often we wonder if the old traditional marketing system is still alive. I say that the traditional system is not dead but it is dying. Today I have a quick blog post from Veronica who shares her views on online marketing vs traditional marketing. She also discusses about the advantages of online marketing for businesses. If you are a pro marketer then you won’t find much value (true transparency). However, if you are starting out then you might be interested in knowing how marketing has evolved and what form of marketing is right for you and your business. Let me know what you think in the comment box.

Advertising is all around; people cannot help but see at least some form of it every day. The billboards they see on the sides of buildings and buses, for example, have been around for years. People have become used to them. The story is the same for window banners. They are everywhere; every store in the world has windows filled with advertisements for the products they sell. No matter what the product is, and regardless of location, if the building has a window, there will be an advertising poster on it.

But these methods of advertising might not be the best for a particular product or service. Billboards might be great for local restaurants and shops, but for an Internet company or a blog, these archaic means of getting attention are nearly useless. A company like that would have a national or global market to compete in, and purchasing billboards in every town on the planet is simply not a feasible option.

The Modern Concept of Advertising

Companies with such a large and dynamic market will need effective advertising to stay competitive. After all, the unseen company is soon forgotten, and in the fast paced world of today, one misstep can cause the death of a business. These companies usually take advantage of the new ever growing advertising medium which guarantees to reach target demographic – online marketing.

Online marketing has several advantages over other types of advertising. For example, print ads may be great for companies who will not be going anywhere soon, like auto manufacturers and large chain stores and restaurants. But for many other customers, by the time the ad runs in a newspaper or magazine, they could be already sold out, or it may be outdated. In simple words, time sensitive. Whatever the reason, the demands for their product or service may be greatly diminished by the time potential customers learn who they are.

Online marketing, however, can get the word out about your company or business in a matter of seconds. A simple ad can be created and placed online in a very little time with very little effort, and these ads can instantly reach the target demographic. They can be either placed where the potential customers congregate or you can run a custom pay per click campaign. Ads on social media sites, for example, could instantly be seen by thousands of potential customers when they are playing games and interacting with friends. You can easily target your niche market on facebook and run a ppc campaign and profit. Advertisements targeting the gamers could be placed on video game websites, ads geared towards golfers could be placed in golf or sports related websites; the possibilities are limitless.

With online marketing, businesses can narrow down to their niche and target a specific group of demographic with their ads. For example, you could create a customized ad on dog food and target the specific dog niche which would include dog owners, dog trainers or people who likes dogs etc. For any niche market, if companies place their ads on the sites their customers visit most, they are most likely to see them as well as click on them.

A Dimension of Sight and Sound

Online marketing has other advantages too. Sound, for example, can be used to play a catchy tune, or have a short testimonial from a customer. It could also contain the company mission, a congratulatory message, or anything that could potentially attract the audience.

Marketing online also has the advantage of motion. Video can easily be uploaded and manipulated online these days, and inserting a vibrant or funny video clip in a video ad can be an attention grabber. Anything can be accomplished these days in the world of online marketing, and some of the top companies now advertise almost exclusively online. Regardless of the product or service, an unusual or captivating ad can boost the sales and performance of nearly any company in less time, and for less money compared to the traditional marketing method.

Advertising spots in papers and magazines are set. Customers will only see the one ad, and it will never change. Online ads can be changed quite frequently to help a business or product seem fresh and relevant. You can customize an ad, tweak and split test in a matter of minutes while it is quite impossible in traditional marketing.

The Best of Everything

From the old golden days when advertising executives sat and poured over the latest designs in an effort to make that perfect radio commercial, companies and businesses trying to find the perfect solution for cost effectively reaching the most people in their market, magazines trying to get into the act with full color illustrations, and live action came with the TV.

Even if you combine them all, they wouldn’t come close to online marketing. Modern advertising can reach more people in less time. This was not possible way back in the 1940’s but today, by taking advantage of online marketing, any company can quickly realize their true potential.

This is a guest post written and contributed by Veronica Clyde who is a dedicated writer at VPNServices.net – a website where you can read about VPN service and Online Security. She also loves to share VPN technology, WordPress and Blogging tips. The author’s views above are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Mastermind Blogger.

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