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The Reason You’re not Getting Any Comments and How to Fix it

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Is your blog a ghost town? Your blog might get a lot of traffic. But at the same time, it might get few to zero comments. Traffic has very little to do with readers commenting on your blog. As a matter of fact, the higher the traffic, the more spam comments you will get. We are talking about quality comments that can add value to your blog. So, how do you actually get your readers attention and write awesome content that gets them to comment and post their views? You see, writing kickass headlines like Glen Alsopp and viral short paragraphs like Seth Godin is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it and its no rocket science my friend. I realized that I haven’t written any posts on this topic and I am glad that Jonny decided to write up something nice for this blog. Let me know what you think :) and I’ll see you in the comments. Take it away Jonny…

Why do you have a blog?

Bloggers get this question a lot. What’s baffling is that many people expect only a single answer, like “I blog because…” But the fact is that this question deserves many answers.

I blog because I feel an innate need to write. I blog because I want the world to know what kind of life I’m living. I blog because I believe in the power of words, in the power of images, and in the power of imagination. I blog because I enjoy it. I blog because I have a story to tell. I blog to escape from reality.

It’s not just a simple “because-everybody-is-doing-it” motivation, and bloggers know this best of all.

Now, some would respond that “I blog to write, not to get feedback.” Really? So you don’t care if your posts get comments or not?

A basic definition of “being human” is the need for interaction. When you say “Hi!” to someone, you expect a “Hi!” back, or at least a nod. When you write something, you expect a feedback. Anything. At least, it’s something.

These days, the most effective feedback medium is through the comments section.

I find it, well, weird that some blogs actually don’t ALLOW comments! That’s like saying “My thoughts are so awesome, therefore I don’t need to know yours.” Only attention-hungry people think like this.

Remember that your audience is your lifeline. Without them, no one will read your posts. And if no one reads your posts, what’s the point of even publishing them… right?

So now that we’ve established the importance of comments, I’d like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned as a blogger.

Reasons You Don’t Get Comments and How to Fix it!

 1. Your articles are confusing.

Admit it, sometimes our thought patterns are, well, scattered. We think about finding the cure for cancer one moment and then, think of burritos the next. Now even if you think all of your thoughts are important, not all of them are worth publishing, and certainly not online.

That’s not to say your articles should have just a single thought pattern; that would be boring. Instead, focus on just one topic and attack it from different angles. The more unpredictable your approach, the better it is.

What you shouldn’t do…

Play it safe. Writing is about taking risks, about taking the time to come up with a coherent article and hoping that readers will relate or benefit from it. For instance, if you’re tackling a controversial topic, like politics or environmental issues, take a stand and don’t just opt for the neutral zone. Don’t be afraid to “spark” interest or intrigue among your readers. That’s the whole point! Just remember to stay polite, facts-based, and genuine.

2. You’re too close minded.

There’s a fine line between sharing and telling. Don’t think of your blog as a speech podium where the microphone is all yours. Think of it is as a book club. There’s a topic, wherein you are merely the opening speech and everybody takes turns in speaking.

Basically, invite readers to sit down with you and converse about daily musings in life. Be the relate-able blogger. Once you do that, you’ll soon have your comments section flooded with responses.

What you shouldn’t do…

Solve the mystery. If you posit a question as your blog post, don’t take the chase away from your readers by answering ALL problems. Invite them to give their own thoughts into the mix. In fact, even if your article is not a question but a simple write-up, leave it open-ended if only to encourage your audience to react.

3. Your posts are REALLY long.

Normally, blog posts range between 500 words to 800 words. 1000 is okay, but 3000? That’s almost crazy—you’re not writing a dissertation paper.

Remember that people have only a 20-minute attention span on average. This means that you should write something that would only take about 15 minutes to read, tops. The extra five minutes is to give them time to think about what they’ve just read and comment on your post.

What you shouldn’t do…

Too much of something is bad, right? Overly long articles confuse or distract people. You can’t expect your readers to spend their time scanning every single word in your content. Chances are, they’ll bookmark it for reading “later”. Often, the “later” part is never fulfilled.

4. Your posts are boring.

I know, I know, this is merely subjective since boring for you may not be boring for me. However, there are certain standards that, if not met, clearly quantify an article as “dull”.

One clear example is a post with no images. A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how much you’re already saying just by adding a photo. Another example is a post that’s, well, outdated and formal. Stay updated with trends to know what’s “in”. Use memes, humor, even sarcasm (if you know how to play it). Try different approaches to your blog and you’ll soon find a lot of comments filling your admin account.

What you shouldn’t do…

Use copyrighted images as your own. Like plagiarism of content, you can’t claim an image as your own even if it has no watermark in it. Sure, the Internet seems to put everything in public eyes, but that doesn’t mean you can claim ownership over anything.

Are You Now Ready to Get Comments?

Luckily for you, blogging is a playing field that is easily leveled. It doesn’t matter if you’re a noob (Internet slang for newbies) or a pro. Having a successful blog isn’t about tenure, but your passion for writing and your dedication to your readers! Follow the above tips and you will start seeing quality comments flooding your blog.

This guest post is contributed byJonny Lis who is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Smart Traffic, a private SEO Company based in the UK and offers reseller services to many clients around the world. Jonny oversees SEO strategies for Smart Traffic’s 300+ campaigns.

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  • http://www.naijatips.com Essien Ekpenyong

    Comments are really good for blogs because it shows the level of audience integration and participation in your topics. I wish to correct the above mistakes that are applicable to me so as to improve and increase comments on my blog. Thanks for sharing this.

  • http://caylaandashley.blogspot.com Cayla

    Thank you for all the wonderful information and tips that you shared! Reading all of your blogger tutorials have reduced stress and helped me out!

    I’m a young teen that recently started a blog. Feel free to check it out and offer any suggestions for improvement! Just Google “Cayla and Ashley” or visit our website: caylaandashley.blogspot.com. ヅ

    Thank you again!! This was so helpful, awesome, and a great guide. I look forward to reading some more of your posts!

  • http://vancouvergadgets.ca/ Jay Kenobi

    Great article. One thing I’ve noticed with comments is that people love simplicity. Over on my blog at Vancouver Gadgets I’ve noticed that since removing the DISQUS commenting system my community engagement has skyrocketed. The reason for this is because when people want to leave a comment they just want to do it quickly and get it done. They don’t want to remember a user name and password, curate a profile etc etc. So needless to say I am now using only the native WordPress commenting system, which I also understand is better from an SEO perspective as the comments/conservations are actually embedded in my own webpages rather than a bunch of JavaScript pointed to a third-party provider.

    • Salman Ahsan

      Not sure if its a myth or a fact but once when I googled a keyword, one of the blog posts on this blog appeared on the first page. I realized that the keyword that ranked on the first page appeared on a comment on that blog post :) hmmm

  • http://kiselah.blogspot.com Moffat

    you are right buddy, how do you even expect to know that your posts are even read when you dont allow the audience to give their feedbacks?
    comments are very important if you are a serious and determined blogger

  • http://football-meets-cricket.blogspot.in/ Ankur Upadhyay

    My blog is getting traffic but no comments.. People comment a lot on bookmarking sites when i share it on them but not on the blog itself… i don’t know why..

    • Salman Ahsan

      Try giving out only a small summary on bookmarking sites and have the complete details on your blog. So if someone finds your content on bookmarking sites, they will only see a small portion and have to visit your blog for the complete details :)

  • http://www.ebimablog.com/ ige ebima

    Some bloggers never ask for comments and as such wont get it,what i do is ask a kind of question at the end of your blog post,tell your readers that their feedback,question or appreciation is welcome in the comments session.if you try this out,you will get some comment surely