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The Secret to Twitter Following

Secret To Twitter Following

Secret To Twitter Following

I knew about twitter since 2008 but didn’t realize that it will become such a big hype. Who knew that this twitter bird is going to take social media to the next level. I talked to several people about twitter and why is it so addictive.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you should know that I have been writing a lot of twitter recently. I have had various experience with twitter. In the beginning I thought it was very important to get tons of followers; of course it makes you look good.

But, I have done some research and come across the secret of twitter. In my previous posts, I have been writing about how to get quality followers but now its about following. Twitter secret is about following people- Yes you heard me right! Now why is it important to follow many people on twitter?

When you follow people on twitter:

1. You are trying to learn more. When you follow people, you get to check out their stuff and learn from their experience. This is totally free knowledge.

2. You are interested in meeting new people. This allows you to create a network or list of your favorite tweples and interact with them.

3. You are trying to be a better listener. When you listen to someone, they intend to respond and do the same.

4. You get to communicate with people who you are interested in and vice versa. In simple terms, you are treated the same way you treat others.

5. You are trying to find out about more stuff such as events, stories, news, trends etc.

Now think about it, who would you be interested in? Someone who just brags all the time or someone who cares about others and is willing to listen to as many people as he can? The answer lies within the question, what is your take?

To wrap this up, you can have tons of random followers who just follow you so that you can follow him back OR you can follow quality people, interact with them, build a list and succeed with twitter marketing.

I am not against gaining twitter followers since I write tons of posts to do better with twitter myself. But, I doubt that anyone ever bothered to know the secret of following instead of gaining followers. Think about it!

What do you all have to say?

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