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The Ultimate List of Sites That Pay You for Blogging- Part 2

Make Money Blogging

I know you all have been excited and waiting for the second list of sites that pay you for blogging. I have received at least 5-6 emails requesting to post the second list ASAP so here it is. I have been trying to find more legitimate sites that pay for blogging so if you think i have missed out any and want to add them, simply post it in the comment box below.

I hope you guys find it useful. If you haven’t checked the first part then here it is: The Ultimate List of Sites That Pay You for Blogging- Part 1

I have lots of premium content and tools that I am working on; i am hoping it will be available to your guys pretty soon. If you guys have any questions or need assistance then find me on twitter at @s_ahsan . I check and respond to each and every single tweet.

Anyways, i hope you guys check out the sites below. Sign up with them if you are interested but please, make sure you check them out and comply with their TOS. Although i have reviewd them myself, i expect you to have at least some knowledge about them before you start making money.

Sites That Pay You to Blog II


A LinkPost is a paid blog post written by a blogger within the LinkWorth community. You can sell ads and monetize your blog easily. There are ton of advertisers and you get paid to blog and write reviews for various products and services.


Bloggers in this network get paid to blog. You can easily make money by writing and blogging about almost anything since this network gives you a lot of choices and topics to choose.


Shvoong name appeared weird to me at first; I dont know how it is relevant to blogging or money making 😉 but the fact is that they pay you for a summary or review of any published written text, written in your own words. You are given the choice of choosing any book, articles or newspaper to summarize which should be atleast 900 words long. If you are a blogger, the word count shouldn’t be a problem.


Another great site that pay for blogging. Simply write your opinion about products, services and websites on your blog and get paid weekly through paypal. Smorty pay directly to your PayPal account. If you own or author more than one blogs then you can generate a higher income.



This site is a little different but I have come across similar ones before. You can create your own blog in their network and get paid to post in it. You don’t even need to own a blog, just create one with them and start making money. So this is how it works: You need to have a Google Adsense publisher account which is easy to get. You post on their blog, you can post whatever you feel like as often you want. They serve ads on these pages and posts and share a 50/50 revenue with you. Well its not that bad if you are just starting your money making journey.

Weblogs Inc

Weblogsinc pay bloggers to blog about their favourite topics. Tell them what you are looking for and your interests and they will find out your fit. The best part is that they have a pretty huge team backing up their network. They also own and run several other blogs in their network.

Loud Launch

Earn more with your blog. Get paid to participate in relevant, high quality, online advertising campaigns from top companies. They pay pretty good and they will connect you with advertisers who are in your niche. You can then write about their products and services and get paid. Register and add your blog for review. Once the blog is approved, you can then select your interests and get started right away. You need to have a verified paypal account and 2 months old blog inorder to get accepted. They pay you monthly through paypal.


Make money with your website and blog in a wide variety of ways. Monetize each area of each page individually. Set different prices for each link format and location on page. Earn a 70% of ad revenue recurring monthly and withdraw your earnings whenever you want to. Pretty sweet; thanks to one of my commenters for sharing this with us in the previous post. 🙂


Bloggers can earn extra cash by putting links on their blogs or posting articles on it. Only write on those subjects that interest you and your readers and earn cash for every post.


With Snapbomb advertisers will pay you for your opinion. Find an opportunity, post a blog, and earn money right away. Make some real good money each month doing something that you love. Bloggers select sponsored campaigns that match their interest, expertise and blog content. They get paid for their efforts while writing about topics they are passionate about.

This is it for now. Believe me, it is not that easy to create a list of reviewed sites or poducts. It takes a lot of time, work and dedication so i hope you guys find it helpful. List 3 will be out as soon as I have reviewed them. Till then. make the best out of it. And please do not forget to comment below and provide your thoughts.

Happy Earnings…

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