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Tools That Let You Post Longer Than 140 Characters on Twitter

Post Longer Than 140 Characters Tweets on Twitter

A lot of people find it very difficult to express their thoughts or share a view on twitter due to their character limits. To be honest, I can make the most out of 140 characters; maybe because I have been on this thing for a while or maybe I know too much J.

If 140 characters are not enough then you should consider the twitter tools below. I have compiled a small list of powerful tools that will allow you to post longer tweets. I hope you find them useful.

Tools That Let You Post Longer Tweets:

Twitlonger–  This tool will allow you to sign up using the Twitter OAuth and thus you will be able to post longer tweets on Twitter. All you have to do is just login and you will be given a huge text area to write your tweet. What it does is, it will post your tweet with a link to it to view the entire text. Pretty sick isn’t it…

RichTweets– One of my favorites. This tool allows you to create full HTML Tweets with colors, images, videos and widgets. You can connect it with your twitter account and when you post it here, it automatically gets posted on your twitter account.  YouTube videos can be easily added and alternately, you can embed other videos by simply inputting the full code in the video embed box. You can use it as another twitter manager such as hootsuite, tweetdeck etc. This is a good find.

XLTweet– When you have more to say but limited space, just XL tweet it. This tool is quite easy to use and comes in handy when you want to post longer tweets. Simply type in the text, provide your Twitter account details and bingo!!

MaxiTweets– It allows up to 200 characters long tweets, which is an increase of nearly 50%. They have opened up several new possibilities for the fast growing Twitter communications platform.  So get more out of Twitter now with maxitweets: up to 200 letters.

ezTweets– This one lets you post both of Twitter and Facebook. With ezTweets you can write big-ass posts. It simply takes your longer tweets (more than 140 characters long) and split them neatly, marks the tweet in a sequential manner and posts them to your Twitter timeline all at once. Best part, there is no characters limit…

Please feel free to share these useful tools and spread the word…

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  • John Turner

    I built an app that lets you post longer than 140 characters called http://www.tweetc.com. It will also let you post by email and auto embed links :)

    • Aqsaniq

      Hello there John Turner. The link to your app is not working. Says Error not found.

  • http://www.mastermindblogger.com S Ahsan

    sounds good, i will check it out. I will also include it in the list. Good luck

  • John Turner

    cool thx!

  • http://twitter.com/rajen4126 Rajendra Kumar

    Have you heard of Twextra? http://twextra.com – It lets you post large, rich text messages (max 100,000 characters) with images on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • http://twitter.com/touco touco

    http://tinypo.st is also another service that allows you post long tweets.
    What I like the most about the service is that it also uses your Twitter background and if you delete your tweet on Twitter, it’s not accessible on TinyPost either.

  • http://easytwitterbuttons.com twitter buttons

    Great info, glad I came across this blog post about twitter.

  • http://tweet.8bitrobot.com Longtweet

    All these require you to give up your twitter account details or to authorize an app. That’s asking way too much. http://tweet.8bitrobot.com allows you to write a tweet as long as you want without authorization.

    • http://www.salmanahsan.com Salman Ahsan

      good promotion 😉 but ill accept!

      • http://tweet.8bitrobot.com Longtweet

        I guess it was a bit shameless, but I just wrote the app and had to tell someone. :)

        • http://www.salmanahsan.com Salman Ahsan

          I guess that was a good move. Maybe ill add it to the list later if its worth it 😉

  • http://prismtweets.com/ prismtweets

    There is another App – PrismTweets – to send formatted tweets as attached images along with your tweet. Have you ever checked out Prism tweets (http://prismtweets.com )? Through Prism tweets you can send colorful tweets longer than 140 characters with emoticons and smileys. You can send strong and powerful tweets by their rich text editor.

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  • Sukhminder

    Tweeetface stands out from the rest because not only you can write long tweets it lets you add images, videos, and format text which ever way you want. It becomes you personal blog from tweets or facebook status updates.

  • Alex

    I also found this tool called CrazySunTweet. Check it here: http://www.crazysundesign.com/twitter/

  • http://www.tweenjoy.com/ Tweenjoy.com


    Let me to talk about Tweenjoy ( http://www.tweenjoy.com )

    It’s a website for writting tweets longer than 140 characteres (or less). It works creating an attached image to your tweet, without external links. You can enhance your tweet choosing font types, colors, background colors, image background… so in that way you can personalize your tweets much more.

    I hope you like.

  • http://tweet-studio.com/ Smileyy Johns

    Its a nice collection of tools. I also have a new tweet longer application http://tweet-studio.com/ . Please check it out!!

  • http://tweet-studio.com/ Smileyy Johns

    I searched a long way to know how to make a tweet longer as I was really frustrated with its minimum character limit but now with these tools I can write longer and creative tweets.

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