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Twitter Applications You Will Ever Need- Part 1

Twitter Applications You will Ever Need

Twitter Applications You will Ever Need

Today I am going to post the ultimate twitter apps/tools list. Tons of people have requested it. I believe you can find some on google but hey, i am doing the findings and the reviews to make your life easier. I have found a lot about twitter and its a lot believe me when i say it so i will divide the list into a few parts and each will follow one after the other. Let me know what is your take on these. Have fun!


Twitter Directories and User Search Tools


TwitDir- Search within the 5 301 915 interesting twitterers. Search for words in usernames, locations or descriptions

Twubble- Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.

Just Tweet It- Choose a Directory Category & list your name or find other Tweeters like you

Twellow- It is known as the Twitter Yellow page. SHoot!! I didnt know twitter even had that, its sweet.  They have more than 1.42 billion followers and 9.9 million Twitter profiles


Find out whats latest going on in Twitter

TwitScoop- Receive, send tweets, and find new friends instantly, without ever reloading your page. Search and follow what’s buzzing on twitter in real-time.

Trendistic- Search Whats up on Twitter

TwitterMent- WAS another twitter search engine. Now selling fake followers.

TweetScan- The name says it all!

TweetMeme- Now you should know this one. Just retweet this post and find out. Basically Shows the hottest links on twitter

Twitturly- This one is similar to TweetMeme, they track and rank what URLs people are talking about on Twitter

Twistori- I didnt find this much useful but its fun. Check it out!

Goodbad- Here you can see all the good and bad stuff in the Twitterverse. You can compare and show off the stuff you have done. (Update: It has become a porn site now)

Favotter- You can see a collection of popular tweets from your favorites on Twitter and it is updated every hour


Kick Spam Goodbye

Twerpscan- TwerpScan is your new Twitter contact management site. Its pretty good so far

Twitspam- You guys complain about spam. Well this site blocks social networking spammers.


You can receive and send tweets via email

Techhit- Twitter Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Twittercounter- Actionable Twitter statistics at your fingertips.


Integrate Twitter with Files, Images and Videos

Twitpic- The most popular

Autopostr- This one lets your twitter friends know that you posted a new photo on flickr. It just adds a # to your photo title.

SnapTweet- This one allows you to send your Flickr photos to twitter

Twitxr- Share pictures from your mobile phone  and automatically publish them on social networks and photosharing sites

Twixxer- Twixxer is a photo and video sharing component for Twitter

TweetCube- Another cool tool which allows you to share your files via Twitter

Twiddeo- Twitter updates with Video. Powerful, Simple, Straightforward and Sweet


Multiple Twitter Accounts Tools

ThemattinatorCreated by Matt from Carsonified.

EasyTweets- Temporary they are down since they are changing server but they will be back live soon

I am hoping you guys will find this useful. I am really tired today, been working a lot. The next part will be posted shortly so stay tuned! There are ton more amazing twitter apps you havent discovered yet and you dont want to miss it.


Updated in 2014

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