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Twitter Applications You Will Ever Need- Part 2


Ultimate Twitter Apps Part 2

Ultimate Twitter Apps Part 2

Enhance your Tweeting with Various Twitter text


Twi8r- Translates from English to text message shorthand and vice versa

Phweet- Invite your twitter friends to talk

TwitterKeys- This is a small tool which provides you with a floating window with all these funny symbols you can use in Twitter. Ask the Tweples, Get an Answer

Twitter Answers- Twitter Answers is an app created by Mosio

LazyTweet- Be lazy, ask the crowd

Twitter Graphic Resources

TwitterPatterns- Natalie a web designer does all the work for you

TwitterBacks.com- Get Your Free Twitter Backgrounds

TweetBacks- Customizable Free Twitter Backgrounds

Siahdesign- Free twitter buttons

Make Money with Twitter

Sponsored Tweets- Sponsored Tweets is a new Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters.

TwittAd- Twitter users can monetize their profiles & Advertisers can reach ALL of Twitter

Be-a-Magpie- The original Twitter advertising network, assists brands to harness the power of conversation.

Ad.ly- Fairly new but good. In stream advertising on twitter

Track Your Twitter Statistics

TweetBurner- Tracks links you share on Twitter and Friendfeed

TwitterGrader- Get Your Twitter Rank

TweetStats- Graph your Twitter Stats

TwinFluence- A simple tool for measuring the combined influence of twitterers and their followers

TwitGraph- Bring the best content to your followers

Tffratio.com- 3 Ways to get your TFF Ratio

Twitter Link Stuffs

Linkbunch- LinkBunch lets you put multiple links into one small link

TwitterLinkr- Check out the latest links posted on twitter

Twitturls- Similar to Twitterlinkr

TwitterSplit- Your link Question Mark External link

Create Reviews with 140 characters

MicroReviews-  Review with 140

Twitter Notches-Partner of Microreviews

LouderVoice- Great tool for reviewing in twitter

Track Twitter Users Statistics

Twitterholic- Twittastic robots scan the Twitter public timeline for new twits to tweet.  Te calculate individual statistics

Toptweet- The World’s Top Twitter Personalities, all in one place

Integrating Twitter with other Social Networking Sites

Ping.fm- Ping.fm is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap! (Update: Virus site)

Moodswing- Similar to ping.fm but you need to download this tool first

Scheduled Tweets

SocialOomph- Enjoy Powerful StatusNet Integration

Twittertise- Twittertise allows you to schedule your communications on Twitter and using URL tracking technology to measure the effectiveness of your traffic driving techniques on the platform.

TwitResponse- Setup unlimited messages to be delivered to your twitter page when you want.

Take Polls on Twitter

StrawPoll- Create your own polls and take polls on twitter

Twitter Polldaddy- Create a poll and send it to your Twitter followers in seconds. No account necessary!

Twittpoll- Twittpoll is the opinion channel of twitter.

Twitter to Groups

GroupTweet- GroupTweet turns a standard Twitter account into a group communication hub where members can post updates to everyone in the group using direct messages.

Twitter Groups- Twitter Groups allows you to tag your followers into different groups

Hope you guys found this content useful. Please feel free to share, comment and ask questions. Have fun tweeting!

Want to increase your twitter followers count? Remember, just adding and following random people wont give you targeted followers. Stay tuned for my upcoming post where I will explain on how to get the most out of twitter. 🙂


Updated in 2014

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