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What If Your WordPress Gets Hacked and How to Prevent It!

Attacks on WordPress platform have become more frequent over the past few years. The number of hacked blogs and websites has risen about 20% per year but the recent reports have made people cautious. Why?

In April 2013 about 90,000 IP’s attacked the WordPress users who still have “admin” as their default login username. Security experts say that this is just the beginning. The simplicity of using WordPress makes people forget about the potential dangers and many users have no idea about WordPress hacks.

This infographic represents the background information about hacking WordPress websites and gives guidelines on how to act when you’ve been hacked. The author of the infographic is Mike Wallagher who is a blogger at http://startbloggingonline.com. He became interested in WordPress security after reading a couple of posts about it. The infographic is based on two months of intensive research and analysis. Hope it will shed some light on the importance of wordpress security.

wordpress security

Even though some people are serious about blogging and treat it as a business, unfortunately many ignore the importance of security.

I have seen bloggers spend hundreds of dollars on blog hosting and design but none on security. This is wrong. Security should be your top priority. Why? Imagine you purchase a big house and spend thousands of dollars on its interior decoration, furniture etc but ignore security. One day you take a vacation and return after a week of awesomeness, you see half of your household goodies are gone :). Some nasty burglar just made your day hell. You could have easily prevented this by installing a security system which would have cost you a tiny fraction of what you have just lost.

The same logic applies to websites and blogs. They are digital real estate. If you don’t install security system, burglars (hackers and malwares) will attack your site, steal all your valuable data and give you a nightmare of your lifetime.

A live example can be seen below. It’s the exact email I have received today from one of my readers whose blogs have been hacked. I don’t think it requires any explanation as you can clearly see the consequences of ignoring security.

wordpress hacked

Fortunately I am there to help him with this issue but why keep paying hundreds of dollars for cleaning up malware when you can take simple steps to prevent it :). WordPress security is not that difficult to grasp and pretty much anyone can implement some tweaks and tricks to prevent malware and hacks. Precaution is always better than cure.

With that said, recently Ashley and Logan launched their wordpress security course which is pretty cool and to the point. They contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing it and then recommending it to my readers since I talk about wordpress security pretty often.

I never recommend a product that I haven’t personally used or tried. I asked them to hook me up with the course so I can go through it first and find out if it was worth sharing with my community.

wordpress security course

Here’s what I found:

The entire course has 13 video modules including 2 awesome bonuses which are actually pretty good.

  • Video 1 – Downloading WordPress
  • Video 2 – Uploading WordPress
  • Video 3 – Database Configuration
  • Video 4 – ‘wp-config.php’ Configuration
  • Video 5 – Installing WordPress
  • Video 6 – Post Installation
  • Video 7 – Changing your Nickname
  • Video 8 – Getting started with Better-Security
  • Video 9 – BPS and Permissions
  • Video 10 – Finishing off with Better-Security
  • Video 11 – Login Limits
  • Video 12 – Deny IP
  • Video 13 – Password Protect


  • Bonus #1: WordPress Tutorials For Beginners
  • Bonus #2: WordPress Marketing Machine

wordpress security course

The video course is pretty simple to understand and is definitely newbie friendly. You will find some similar content which I have already mentioned in my “prevent wordpress hacking guide” and “wordpress malware guide”. However, you will also discover some new tricks and tweaks which I have not mentioned in my posts.

When you purchase this course, you will also get 2 bonuses which are pretty decent.  They are wordpress related and contain ton of video tutorials. I think the bonuses alone justify the cost of this course so definitely check it out 🙂

Check Out Wp Security Course

Update: Use promo code MASSIVESAVINGS8247 for a whopping discount :). This code will only work if you go through my link.

Last but not the least; knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world. Grasp the knowledge of wordpress security with this course and drastically reduce the chances of getting hacked or infected with malware. Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What other wordpress security tip would you recommend?

Salman Ahsan signing out…

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