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Why Blogs are So Important – Part 2

importance of blogging

On my last post I have talked about why blogs are important and how you can improve your blog by following 3 simple tips. Today, I will post 3 more reasons why blogs are popular over other platforms and how you can use it to your advantage.

Why Blogs are so popular?

4. Backlinking, Plugins, Pinging, RSS Feed, Comments

The interactive nature of Blogs is hard to beat. One reason why blogs are more popular than the usual html websites is the ability that blogs feature in terms of user interactivity such as commenting systems, feed subscriptions, social bookmarking and many more plug-ins. These features attract visitors and turn them to blog subscribers and potential buyers of your product or service that you offer. Plug-ins, pinging, backlinking, RSS Feed capability and the ability of people to add comments is just awesome. WordPress as we all know is the blog platform dominator. It has a lot of neat plug-ins that make SEO and interacting with other forms of social media effortless.

Make sure you take advantage of the wordpress plug-ins and widgets to maximize your blogging experience. I will be posting several lists of useful plug-ins in the future so make sure you subscribe to stay in the loop.

5. Universal Acceptance

Blogs have created a revolution in the way the information in transmitted and shared. All the social networking and bookmarking sites such as digg, facebook, twitter, pinterest require that the users register to view profiles or certain information but blogs can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection. Just take it this way, if I made a post on facebook, you probably had to sign up and login to view it, right? But you don’t have to go through all those hassle for viewing a blog post.

A blog allows you to achieve a potentially infinite number of customers for your business. You can interact with any person at any corner of the globe. Whether you are a student, a doctor, a lawyer or even a professor, you can blog.

NOTE: make sure you set your blog to public so search engines can index your posts and visitors can check out your awesomeness.

6. Market your blog, not your business

One of the most important things that most successful marketers do is, they show off their blogs to the world to prove their expertise in the business. Check out Amish Shah who blogs about his business and provides marketing tips. Another good example would be seo guru Neil Patel from quicksprout who blogs about seo and marketing.

As said earlier, your blog speaks of you and your business in total. So, it is important that you link your blog wherever possible.

All of your social media activities should be organized to link back to your blog. Market it through twitter, facebook, digg, YouTube videos and everything possible to generate visitors which can later convert them to potential customers. Another effective way to market your blog is through guest blogging.

The amount of time you spend and concentrate on improving and updating your blog is directly proportional to the business that is feasible through it. Blog is the most important part of your social media strategy. If you don’t have blog then you need to get one today. Register a domain at namecheap and get hosting from hostgator and let me know how I can help you kick start your blogging journey.

My next post will be on blog optimization and steps to create a successful blog. Please spread the word and subscribe. Do you think blogging is important? What other ways can you improve your blog and blogging skills?

Post updated 2014

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