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10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

If your blog isn’t getting the big unique visitor numbers you need for decent conversions, or if your blog isn’t getting enough return traffic to keep the impression count up, your blog sucks! But why does it suck, what is it about your blog that’s making it fail when others are managing great with good visitor numbers and healthy commissions every month from Affiliate sales, Amazon or Adsense?

If you are trying to monetize your blog, you’re going to need to figure out why your blog sucks – and to understand that, all you need is our ten point hit list! Read it, and recognize your own blog in this list, and make sure you read all the way to the end to see why a blog that sucks can still make some great money!

This is Why Your Blog Sucks

1. You’re Too Greedy!

What’s the first thing you did once you had your blog up and running? If it was to add Adsense code or plaster it with affiliate links, then you’re being too greedy. The problem with your impatience is that when Google’s spiders come around and find your brand new blog, all they see is ton of adsense and less quality content. This sets off the Google “Made for Adsense” alarm, and before you have even got going, your blog is being marked down!

2. You’re Too Cheap Pt 1!

Did you hire a content writer to prepare your articles so you could concentrate on SEO and link building? Did you pay less than $2 per hundred words for that content? Chances are, you got what you paid for and that article is neither interesting enough to keep your visitors returning, or poor on page SEO means Google has flagged it as spammy and your blog just lost another opportunity to gain some value in the eyes of Google. With Google Panda in effect, if you can’t produce quality articles, your blog will disappear from google search in a matter of time.

3. You’re Too Cheap Pt 2!

So you decided that having your blog sit on a free blogging server somewhere was just too tacky for you, you’d rather host it somewhere yourself so you can fully customise it and have full control. Sounds good, sounds great even, but where did you go to host your blog? Did you go to a host that was so cheap you couldn’t possibly fail to make enough money to cover the pitiful annual cost? Did you choose Godaddy? The problem here is that you just put your valuable blog on the same shared server as around 100 other sites, mostly of dubious origins. You don’t think Google knows this? Here’s a clue cheapskate :)… Reverse DNS. If you are starting out and are looking for a reliable wordpress hosting then go for either wpwebhost or hostgator.

4. You Backed the Wrong Horse!

This is a hard one to bear, but sometimes you have to re-evaluate the worth of your blog’s niche. You did check out the value of the niche using the Adwords Tool didn’t you? You did check out the competition didn’t you? If you haven’t checked the value of the niche and the likely traffic numbers, and if you haven’t checked if it is even remotely likely that you can rank for that niche, then the chances are, you backed the wrong horse by picking a poor niche, and you should call it quits and start again.

5. You are Impatient

Your blog is suffering because you are too impatient. Rather than waiting for natural backlinks to start coming in, you took some other action (see points 6 and 7), paid for stuff, and now it is all happening a little bit too quickly for Google to award your site a “natural” bonus. Google likes “natural” linkage, and “natural” growth, and you just blew it by creating a monster in 31 short days. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race 🙂

6. You Bought a Tool that Sucks

So you did all your SEO research and you learned that the most important thing for ranking is backlinks. That’s great, but then you fell foul of point number 5 again, you got impatient. So what did you do you hasten all those glorious high page ranking, EDU backlinks? You went and bought a backlinking tool that you don’t know about! Worse than that, you even used it. Now you have hundreds of backlinks from worthless sites – do you really think Google is going to listen to that kind of action? Remember the guys at Google, they are clever. If you think you can fool them, you are only fooling yourself.

7. You paid for a service

Taking short cuts is fine. You paid a guy to check your on page SEO. You paid a guy to do your off site SEO. You paid a guy to create your blog for you, and you paid a guy to write your content. You’ve been paying a lot of guys to work on your blog! The only problem there is that it is no longer your blog. It’s a mish mash of contributions from different people of different skill sets and different capabilities, it’s a mess. Your blog is a mess of contributions, and it’s missing a vital feature – you! Unless you take a hand in your own blogs development it will not have consistent and appealing stamp of “you”, and this means a lack of stickiness that will cost you return visitors.

8. Your blog domain is worthless

Google posted in their blog recently that they were devaluing exact match domains (EMD)’s. Well I don’t know if you noticed, but it doesn’t take much research to see that EMD’s still rank consistently higher than random names. I have several niche sites with EMDs that are on the first page. If you are chasing a niche and you thought of a cool quirky domain name for it, then your blog sucks. You should have went EMD!

9. Your blog has no strategy

You need a strategy for a successful money making blog. How often will you publish new content? How often will do off page SEO? How often will you check your Adsense account for income? If you answered in the following order: rarely, when I am bored, and every freaking day, then your blog sucks!

10. Make Your Blog Suck ?

Finally, here’s one reason why you might actually WANT your blog to suck, and some internet marketers actually plan a blog that sucks! If you have a decent domain and you are getting decent organic traffic, you can win with a blog that sucks by making sure the only outbound links on a page are Adsense ads. This strategy works for a lot of people, who see the type of massive Click Through Rates that are the stuff dreams are made of. I am not a big fan of this but trust me, it works 😉

So now you know why your blog sucks, and by using this information, you can turn it around and start making money from your blog! Always be patient, consistent and focused. If you think this blog sucks then please let me know why do you think so by posting in the comments below.

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